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View all ePak level activities – in the ePhotocopy audit trail

MSB can be configured to display ePak level activities, within ePhotocopy audit trails. By default, document level activities will be shown in the aud

Sign a “21 CFR Signed attachment” tag using SSO credentials

A user can complete a “21 CFR Signed attachment” tag using SSO credentials if the system is configured to do so.The user begins to sign the 21CFR

Custodian can associate an epak tag with an epak

A Custodian, while composing an epak, can now associate an ePak tag with an ePak if needed at the tenant level. The tag will record the metadata which

Email notification when epak is deleted/rejected

User will receive an email notification on ePak deletion or rejection even if their action is already completed. Below is the email received by the us

Delegation notification email sent when OOO feature is enabled

A signer can use the out of office (OOO) feature to delegate their e-Pak automatically to any other signer for a particular period when they are OOO.

Enter security code to view an epak

If any ePak is set to have authentication before opening, a signer will be prompted to fill in a security code to open. In the Prompt popup, a signer

Users can use the new Initial+Timestamp+UUID Tag

A new composite tag has been created which will be a combination of 3 tags: Initial+Timestamp+UUID that will be applicable for 21 CFR and contracts on

Print button available inside the document tab

Users can see the print button inside the document tab under Overview tab in all folders which facilitates the user to print the document at any time.

Signature request email with signing code text

If Custodian sends ePak for Signing, the signer will receive a signature request email with an included alternate signing code as a text which will be

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