Terms & Conditions

Updated on: September 15, 2021

Thanks for using our products and services (“MSB Services”) provided by Taigle LLC based in 1 Park Plaza, Suite 600 Irvine, CA 92614, United States.

You agree to these terms and conditions by using our Services. Please read them carefully. Our Terms and Conditions regulate access to and use of the MSB (“We”, “Our”, or “us”) website and services by viewer and user as individual or organization (referenced as “customer”, “you” or “your”) who uses website and product services or registers to MSB. When you use our website and applications (“MSB services”), you accept our Terms and Conditions.

We will have the additional terms of MSB services available as part of your contract signed with us.

You are bounded by a contractual agreement signed with us, the terms and conditions will apply to your use of our MSB services. For any access, download or use of reference material from MSB services available online, you acknowledge and are bound by these terms and conditions. If you refuse the terms and conditions, you shall not be authorized and must stop using our services.

We suggest that you review our website and application regularly to obtain the updates to these terms and conditions. You agree to be bound by the updates made to these terms and conditions. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification of the Terms.

Updates and Communications

You agree to receive electronically all communication that we provide related to MSB services through email, application notifications or on the website and application that meets the legal and compliance requirements as good as in writing and you agree to keep your user account profile information and signatures up-to-date and current.

MSB Services

  1. Access to use: You act and represent and justify that you are: (i) of legal age (18 years of age or of legal age in your resident jurisdiction) and agree to the Terms and Conditions requesting for the information on MSB features, services and demo, and (ii) you get authorized and become a valid user of MSB with prior a consent and signed agreement received. Please refer Privacy policy for more details to (i) and (ii)
  2. MSB signature: you agree to terms of use of electronic and digital signatures when using MSB services for signature.
  3. ePaks / documents storage and retention: if you use our services, you agree to terms of use and agreed requirements and configuration settings for ePaks/ documents storage, retention, and deletion. You can retrieve and store copies of ePaks and documents for storage outside of our MSB system during the agreement.
  4. Unprocessed / uncompleted ePaks: such ePaks / documents shall automatically be deleted upon expiration schedule configured. MSB services do not have any liability for the party’s inability to electronically sign any ePak / documents within such a period time.
  5. ePak / documents deletion: MSB services may delete data including without limitation ePaks / documents (whether complete or not), upon the expiration schedule.

Updates and Communications

  • a. Is illegal, violate any federal, state, or local law and regulation
  • b. Is illegal, violate rights of privacy, copyright, patent, contents and material, trade secret and intellectual property rights.
  • c. Is illegal, the access or use MSB services or documentation for the purpose of developing or operating products or services intended to be offered to third parties in competition with the MSB services or allow access by a direct competitor of ours.

Any violation of this provision may, in our sole discretion, result in termination of your use and access to the MSB Services with immediate effective immediately.


Refer to our privacy policy for the information you provide to us or that we collect shall be used and protected as per privacy policy. Please read it here. https://www.msbdocs.com/privacy-policy.

Information Security and Compliance

MSB shall prevent unauthorized access, use, alteration, or disclosure of your data by ensuring the technical and organizational measures are in place.

Transfers of personal data outside the EU will be carefully reviewed prior to the transfer taking place to ensure that they fall within the limits imposed by the GDPR. This depends partly on the European Commission’s judgement as to the adequacy of the safeguards for personal data applicable in the receiving country and this may change over time. Intra-group international data transfers will be subject to legally binding agreements referred to as Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) which provide enforceable rights for data subjects.

MSB provides certain features and functionalities that you choose to use. You are responsible for proper a) use of security controls; b) configuration of MSB signature and settings related to security of the data. You acknowledge that we are not obliged to protect your information where you chose to store or transfer the data outside MSB.

MSB Services Termination

MSB can terminate a customer with/ without a notice if customer is a default to the breach of these terms and condition, for the (i) non-receipt of pending payments, (ii) breach by authorized user (of customers) violation of MSB services policies of MSB services, (iii) any breach to applicable law and legislations.

As a customer you may terminate your account at any time with an advance written notice to MSB. If you wish to terminate, you must provide notice with due consent by contacting and sharing us at support@msbdocs.com.