MSB CRA App – A Smart Scanner for CROs

Enable quick scan and direct storage documents to eTMFs and DMS to complete clinical studies quickly under FDA regulations.

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Increase in accurate


Increase in efficiency of clinical operations

clinical trial timelines


Ease in meeting clinical trial timelines

Increase in productivity


Increase in productivity of CRA’s

How CRA Scan App Transforms Hour-Long CRA Documentation into Minutes

How does CRA Scan App Make Clinical Trials Fast, Safe and Effective?

  • User Access Controls
    On-Site Time Saving   The on-site use of the app allows CRAs to complete the whole process in half of the time that the conventional process takes.
  • Lock-Freeze Documents
    Data Security  CRA Scan App’s fast processing does not compromise the user’s data. To ensure data security, the app saves the data directly on eTMF storage.
  • Document Version Control
    Easy Customization The CRA Scan App provides customization that allows the user to add meta data in the workflow as required by their organization or research process.

Why are CROs Choosing CRA Scan App Over Traditional Process?

Collect eSignatures much faster

Works in Low Network Areas

The CRA Scan App does not require high speed internet and can work on low internet bandwidth. Even in low-network areas the app can scan the document and schedule it to send whenever the network becomes available.


Anytime anywhere accessibility

The CRA Scan App has been designed to empower on-site CRAs by being accessible anywhere, anytime on a smart phone.


Direct Storage to eTMFs & DMS

The CRA Scan App stores all data directly on eTMFs & DMS storage ensuring data security and confidentiality. If the device is damaged or compromised, the data remains safe.


FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

All solutions by MSB Docs are developed with strict standards, legal enforceability, and thorough regulatory compliance. CRA Scan App is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.


No Learning Curve

The CRA Scan App by MSB Docs is easy to gain proficiency in. With just one demo session you are all set to use it without any confusion.


Portable & Hassle-free

CRA Scan App converts your phone into a portable and hassle-free scanner that not only scans your documents but also helps in transacting and signing them online.

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Yes, your data is encrypted and is saved directly on the eTMF storage ensuring its safety.

Yes, the CRA scan app allows the user to make necessary adjustments before sending the document. The scanned image can be cropped, rotated and zoomed as required.

Yes, an option to add comments before sending the document is available in CRA scan app.