This feature is available in MSB4 only

How to Edit/Delete an Auto Placement Template?

Admins/Custodians can edit the existing auto-placement template, search and delete the auto-placement templates and rename an auto-placement template.

To edit an existing Auto placement Template, Click the Edit button available next to the template name. You may then change value of any of the fields: Template Name, Signature Policy, Accessibility, Document, String Name, string to be searched, X and Y offset, etc. Click the Save button and a confirmation message will be displayed.

To delete an existing Auto placement Template, Click the Delete button available next to the template name. Users will receive a pop up to confirm the deletion of the template.

While creating an auto-placement template, the admin or custodian will be able to set the accessibility of an auto-placement template as Private, Public or Group.Users to whom the template has been made accessible can log in and see the auto-placement templates that are available to them based on the chosen accessibility settings. Only the Owners of the template have the capability to modify the accessibility settings for templates they have created at any time.

Users other than the owners of auto-placement templates can only use the shared templates during composing. While using auto-placement templates the users will be able to see the templates under shared templates and will be able to compose with those auto-placement templates. As the users navigate to the compose screen, they will navigate to the filters: My Templates, All, and Group.

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