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October 6th, 2023

Instant Insurance via MSB


When consumers are offered the option to either eSign or sign the traditional way with pen and paper, they overwhelmingly prefer to eSign—a fact that has led many firms to incorporate online electronic signature adoption. eSignatures enable paperless transactions and eliminate the hassle of asking customers to come into an office or go through the print/sign/fax/scan routine.

Insurance companies depend heavily on agents and brokers. An agent or broker’s success depends on signing new policies, servicing customers, and running the business better than competitors, while delivering an exceptional customer service experience. Paper signatures hurt customer experience and to the cost of acquiring customers, especially when there is a competitive pressure both for the insurers as well as for the companies. The delay introduces the risk of a drop-off between the back-and-forth of manual signatures.

MSB Docs is used by businesses to create an environment that reduces paper and storage costs. This saves time and money by eliminating the hassles of managing paper. Customers can apply, sign and complete their application process in one session, rather than waiting for and filling insurance forms at multiple layers. The adoption of electronic signatures in insurance companies are quickly reaching critical mass.

With an increase in application numbers, customers have to wait for weeks to get policies signed from the agents and brokers. All the while, pressure to close deals as quickly as possible builds. MSB immediately sets an automated workflow, prepares a document for signature with easy to use templates, and sends it directly to the signers for signing contracts. Mobile competencies further accelerate signature cycles by allowing traveling signers to sign from any device and get quicker claims easily. Signing your policies with MSB keeps the transactions fraud-proof as well as tamper-proof with a detailed audit trail which is used for process adherence check and compliance.

Insurance companies are adopting electronic and digital signatures to increase business efficiency by shortening the process and approval time of the insurance policies and claims. This results in reducing the operational and processing costs while increasing business satisfaction and volume. MSB’s eSignature solution allows you to sign and claim your policies in minutes by automating workflows and reducing cycle time and money. Companies experience growth in revenue by getting policies signed faster, delighting clients by processing claims more quickly and efficiently delivering excellent customer experience.

Consumers want businesses to be fast and competent at every point of the customer engagement cycle. If the beginning of the relationship is marred by endless back and forth, everyone risks losing out.

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