A road to Digital Success in.

The eSignature market across banking, insurance, and commerce has evolved. Studies show that at least 15% of revenue is spent

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Does MSB Docs Conform with HIPAA.

5 Myths About Electronic Signatures You.

Over the years, we have witnessed unprecedented transformation on the technological front, which has probably doubled these days due to COVID-19 crisis. The reason? It is risky – carrying out manual

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MSB Docs Digital Onboarding – Guide.

The onboarding process involves a lot of documentation to be done, which requires in-person signing. With traditional practices, this turns out to be impossible when reaching people in different locations is difficult.

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Instant Insurance via MSB

When consumers are offered the option to either eSign or sign the traditional way with pen and paper, they overwhelmingly prefer to eSign—a fact that has led many firms to incorporate online electronic signature adoption

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