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Work together, stay on the same page and share, sign, review and submit documents under one interface.

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Better Team Collaboration



Increase in Productivity

Easy 3-Step Process to Begin Smooth Document Collaboration


Create TeamRoom and Leverage Admin Rights



Add Members and Assign Roles



Start Sharing Documents for Signing as a Team


What makes MSB TeamRoom best for productive workflows?

  • User Access Controls
    User Access Controls  TeamRoom offers a high level of accuracy. It lets you minimize the actions an individual user can perform on the basis of roles assigned in the workflow hierarchy.
  • Lock-Freeze Documents
    Lock-Freeze Documents  TeamRoom’s Editor and Admin will have the authority to lock and freeze document temporarily and make it unavailable for any further editing till they unlock it. A ‘Lock’ icon will be displayed for a locked document.
  • Document Version Control
    Document Versioning TeamRoom assists the team in managing and controlling document versions. User can run a detailed audit trail of all the actions preformed onto the document by the people and systems.

How Does TeamRoom Increase Operational Efficiency?

Collect eSignatures much faster

Effective Team Collaboration

Multiple users can collaborate on documents together – in real-time – asynchronously or synchronously using TeamRoom.


Keep Documents Linked

If enabled, TeamRoom keeps track of the document when routed for signatures via ePak, and when the ePak is completed automatically updates the new version back into the TeamRoom.


Restrict update after Sign

The Admin of the TeamRoom can restrict any member from uploading a new version of a document, or deleting it after it has been signed once, ensuring security of documents.


Detailed Activities Log

MSB keeps a detailed Activities log for all TeamRoom actions. This enables easy tracking and recording of document transactions.


Robust File Type Support

Multiple file types are supported within TeamRoom, including PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and image file formats.


Easy Reminders

Within the TeamRoom, users can send a signature request reminder to one or all the members of the TeamRoom.

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Yes, the TeamRoom feature is highly customizable and can allow multiple TeamRooms to be created.

Yes, every document transaction in the TeamRoom is regulatory compliant and secure.

Yes, one can organize the TeamRoom using Labels. Labels are tags that can be applied to the TeamRoom documents in order to organize and categorize them the way you want them to be grouped.

Yes, TeamRoom is highly customizable and can fit precise use cases.

One can perform many actions on the documents, such as preview, sign, upload a new version, download, compose ePak, delete, lock/unlock, complete, and notify members.