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September 29th, 2023

Why MSB Docs Web Forms are Ideal for Enterprises?


In today’s fast-growing business world, almost every enterprise needs to generate on-demand, self-service documents for signatures. In order to accomplish this, one needs to eliminate the document preparation time and find a better way out to easily pull collected data and share documents on time. Perceiving this need of the hour, MSB Docs introduced Web Forms, one of the best features ideal for all enterprises.

Here’s How?

Web forms by MSB Docs are designed with a combination of conditional logic, data validation and form mapping. This not only streamlines the form-filling process but also minimizes the chances of entering duplicate or incorrect data. The best thing is, using Web Forms is as Simple as 1,2,3…

Here’s link to the video for more clarity.

Now, the question is, which key business areas can make the best use of MSB Docs Web Forms?

Customer-initiated change requests

Allow your customers to request changes in the most intuitive manner. Give them pre-defined web-forms to fill and receive requested changes duly signed by them. This not eliminates the need for preparing multiple documents but also avoids confusions that mostly happen in verbal discussions.

Event registrations (Sign-ins)

Managing event registrations is the most tedious task in event management until one goes for web forms. Organizers can now provide an open link on the website from where the prospects click through to fill a form and get registered.

Site trials

Web forms have multiple use cases in the pharma industry and address the unmet needs to optimize clinical trial processes, accelerate research and reduce operational costs. One such use case is site trials where site personnel can capture the subject’s data intuitively using web forms, sign and share the prepared documents for further proceedings.

Sales order forms

It is always a good practice to take confirmations before delivering any kind of goods or services. Since sales order forms have been used for a long time by many organizations, MSB Docs brought an easy approach to it. Instead of putting in manual effort, one can switch to web forms and easily fill in the details which can be mapped to specific document templates.


Offer a comprehensive, enterprise-class welcoming experience to your candidates/customers/vendors using web forms. One can easily fill-up the information from self-service dynamic web forms and complete a hassle-free enrollment process.

The key business areas are not just limited to this, click here to know more. Explore your business to make use of web forms with our team of experts. Don’t work hard but work smart with MSB Docs. Get in touch with us now.