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September 29th, 2023

Which Departments Need Digital Transformation with MSB Docs?


Drafting, printing, scanning, and filing documents – a process that was said to be a necessary part of any organization is now getting easier and easier to banish. All thanks to the advancement in technology that is continuously evolving our vision to take business processes in a better way.

Make sure, to take the full advantage of this digital era, whatever plans you make for your organization’s successful future, having digital transformation included in it is a need of the hour. But before that, you need to figure out where your organization should start transforming digitally to reap more benefits and rapidly close more deals—all while keeping it legal and secure. To help you in making a wise decision, we are going to share a few of the common processes taking place in different departments of almost every organization where digital transformation can be implemented.

HR Department – Employee Onboarding

From interviewing a candidate to onboarding employees, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be carried out by the HR department. If all this documentation is carried out digitally, a lot of effort is saved, and the HR department can spend that time seeking eligible candidates more proactively. Now you must be thinking how? MSB Docs – a smart document solution makes it happen by offering digital onboarding.

  • This platform allows the HR department to carry out interview evaluations in a better way digitally by taking feedbacks from multiple people along with their signatures in a single click.
  • If the candidate is selected, the HR Department can send the offer and appointment letters digitally to them for signing electronically via desktop or mobile.
  • Along with accepting the offer, candidates can share their required documents as an attachment to the HR Department before they step in the office.

Accounts/Finance Department

Most of the accounts and finance processes involve creation and approvals of agreements, invoices, purchase orders, expense reports, audit signoffs, etc. Meaning that if done manually, a lot of paperwork needs to be done with almost zero visibility into the status of every document in the process.

MSB Docs here plays a vital role by offering the following features to ease out the paperwork of this department. Let’s throw light on some of the best features:

  • Document templates: Repeatedly used documents can be saved as templates in MSB Docs. This helps the user in saving their time in recreating the similar documents repeatedly.
  • Electronic/digital signing: All the invoices, expense reports, agreements, or any other documents that need to be signed by the management team working remotely can be easily carried out using MSB docs electronic or digital signing features.
  • Easy Categorization: Since multiple types of documents are being managed by this department, MSB Docs brings in the easy categorization of documents through labels.

Product Development/Management

In product-based organizations, the primary requirement is to speed up the delivery of products. But how is it possible when multiple inputs are being given that not only moves the timelines but also affects the facilitation across the team. Adding MSB Docs to your product development processes might improve visibility across your organization.

The benefits you will experience while carrying out all your document management, signing and storing with MSB Docs are:

  • Easy Requirements Signoffs
  • Effective & Approved Product Roadmap
  • Change Request Management
  • Review & Reporting

Sales Department

Sales reps always need to be ready with the polished agreements that need to be sent to multiple people at remote locations. At the same time, they need to be prepared for the edits and negotiations on those sales agreements. Keeping track of each version is also what is essential for effective communication within their team. MSB Docs is all set to help these sales reps in performing all these activities under one roof. So, if this smart document solution is implemented in the sales department, then creating, editing, and sending these documents for signatures and review turns out to be more productive. Automate workflows, setting up reminders, and notifications are some of the additional features that sales reps can take advantage of while closing the deals.

Similarly, MSB Docs empowers many other departments and ease out the processes involved in them. To know what all benefits you can avail, go ahead and get started with our free trial.