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September 29th, 2023

Top eSignature use cases for small business


The manual process of signing a document is without a doubt timid and time-consuming. It is a hassle for business. Whereas, electronic documents have the same legal standing but streamlines the workflow, easy implementation, and saves the cost of printing paper. So, a simple eSignature software like MSB Docs can work miracles for organizing businesses, which is especially suitable for small businesses. If you want to know more about the eSignature uses for small businesses, check out the article below.

What is Electronic Signature?

Simply defining, electronic signature is that it is a type of data used for creating signatures on electronic documents. Electronic signatures are legally as same as wet signatures but they are more secure.

Basically, an electronic signature forms a unique mark on the e-Document that ultimately helps to verify the document. As of now, e Signatures are being used all over the globe more and more organizations are adopting the e Signature for its security and fluidity.

Benefits of eSignature

Let’s just say, the implementation of electronic signature has done a lot for businesses on a global scale.

It took time to make this form of signature legally recognized but before the era of e Signature, all the contracts had to be physically signed, faxed, or scanned and lastly, they had to be filed. A long chain of events was involved in signing a contract but eSignature helped businesses to take a giant leap towards flexibility.

The eSignature uses have provided businesses a greater advantage by eliminating time-consuming multiple steps, cutting costs, and by increasing the approval time of the contracts.

Contract Speed

Implementation of electronic signature has helped in many ways to streamline and speed up the contract formation process. There is no need for multiple signatures, negotiations are streamlined as each step of the process is verified. Finally, it is a completely online process. The geographical diversity of the parties doesn’t matter anymore.

Enhanced Security

The next big benefit of using e Signature is enhanced security. Let’s make one thing very clear, the paper has close to no security. It is completely vulnerable and prone to falsification. But a contract management software with s Signing feature can detect even minor changes.

Lower Cost

The electronic signature is a completely computerized process that eliminates multiple steps making a huge financial impact on the organization’s revenue. It also lowers the risk and minimizes the mistakes made due to human factors.

Lower Cost

The electronic signature is a completely computerized process that eliminates multiple steps making a huge financial impact on the organization’s revenue. It also lowers the risk and minimizes the mistakes made due to human factors.

MSB Docs eSignature Use Cases for Small Business

MSB Docs is a top contract management software with functioning electronic signature capability. The software has played a pivotal role in streamlining business processes and increasing revenues. So, here are 10 MSB Docs eSignature uses that can change any small business for good.

Sales Contracts

Sales contracts play an important role for any organization. Almost all the companies have to deal with sales contracts which are formed and signed quite frequently. Any delays or errors any downsize the profits.

Supply & Vendor Agreements

Negotiations with the vendors can create several issues for small business owners. So, it is best to create a solid agreement, in the beginning, specifying the price, terms, and conditions. This agreement needs to be made as soon as possible. So, if you do it manually, you are bound to face a lot of hurdles. But using MSB Docs service you will be able to complete the formation of the contract faster and more securely.

Forms for New Customers

If your customers are already filling out some sort of form or other documents, implementing MSB Docs service will do a lot for your business. You will be able to eliminate the process of printing to get the documents signed by just implementing e Signature. It will also be more secure.

Changing the Orders

Changes are a natural part of any business. The client may suddenly change his/her mind and a sudden increase or decrease in order is very possible. But during this correction period, you will have to stop the project until everything’s back in order. MSB Docs implementation in the business will eliminate the holdup. Even during change, the project can run smoothly.

Approval of the Customers

The final approval is always most important in the manufacturing business. But getting the approval can be delayed. But implementation of MSB Docs electronic signature will make the gears move faster. You will get the approval order in no time.

Onboard Employees

Hiring new employees involves a lot of paperwork. Manual paperwork takes a lot of time and it also may delay the joining of the employee. So, introducing MSB Docs e Signature will smoothen things up for good.


According to law, a legal document should come with verified signatures. MSB Docs e Signature can also be implemented here. It is approved by the court and saves a lot of time and money.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Better or worse, non-disclosure agreements exist for the betterment of your business. It lets you do business the way you like by signing an agreement. And when it comes to signing an agreement MSB Docs electronic signature is always better compared to manual signing.

Distributor Agreements

You also need to form an agreement with the distributor and other dealers as well. But if you want things to run smoothly, you must use MSB Docs electronic signature to keep things simple and error-free. There are a lot of parties involved. So, confusion can happen but it all can be fixed using MSB.

Parental Consent and Age Verification

Last but not least, the verification of the employee’s age. You can just integrate e signatures with the ID cards to make things simple and verifiable.


These days a lot of businesses are adopting contract management tools for their businesses. Such integration has proven very effective for enhancing the profits for both big and especially small businesses. So, why not use the electronic signature facility provided by MSB Docs for your business?