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September 29th, 2023

Time to Get Out of PSS (Print, Sign, Scan) Routine


The term “paperless” has been coined a few decades ago and being thrown around in business news quite often now. If you are into a business that handles a lot of physical documentation, then such news of going paperless might excite you or make you more skeptical.

If the idea of going paperless seems feasible for your business and you finally decide to step into the paperless world, then there are chances that your best-laid plans come to screeching halt when a need to get documents signed is raised. Now the only way out you would see is printing, signing, and scanning the paper to fulfill the need and file it away in a cabinet forever. But that’s not true! You have a better counterpart to this paper-based process. It’s by completely getting out of print, sign, and scan routine by switching to smart document solutions.

This way, you can have a paperless office that leads to significant cost savings in terms of material, printing, and shipping expenses. Going paperless using e-signatures saves you even more. When in addition to creating forms, documents, and contracts online, you get the privilege to sign them electronically, your processes get completed without any paperwork. In addition to this, cloud storage gives you a crowning accomplishment for going paperless.

So, if you have the best alternative at your disposal to eliminate print, sign, scan routine, then why deal with the hassles that come along with it? Go with smart document solutions like MSB Docs that allow you to embrace the “paperless” mantra along with enjoying all the other benefits that come with it.

In case you’re still skeptical about it, then have a look at the benefits, of going paperless with MSB Docs. This will help you ease into the idea of shifting into a paperless office environment.

Experience More Efficiency at Work

Processing physical documents daily requires a lot of print, sign, and scan routine. Not only this, the amount of paper needed, the effort to get the signatures and scanning back for storage, consumes a lot of time and cost. This makes the process inefficient. When you chose MSB, all you need to do is prepare a document, sign it using an electronic signature, email the document to your recipient, and store it in the cloud repository. This way, you will experience more efficiency at work, thus help you focus on business growth.

Save Money from Paper Supply Costs

If you choose online document processing, you’ll be saving at least 10,000 sheets of paper annually That means, upon collaborating with MSB Docs, you can save a great deal on paper supplies. In addition to this, you will cut down printing charges and storage costs as well. So, replace your bulky drawers and get the required documents right in front of your screen.

Make Your Business Grow Faster Than Ever

When your most time-consuming processes are converted to just a few clicks, all your B2B transactions happen faster and payment processing becomes much easier. This allows more business projects and deals to be closed in a short amount of time. Hence, you won’t need to break your back to make your business grow faster than ever.

Earn More Happy Customers

Customers love to work with businesses running on the fast-moving business model. If you increase your customer’s waiting time, you are ultimately helping your competitors to take over your business. If you opt smart document solution for your business, no such scenario can happen, and nobody could come between your way to success. Get your invoices, contracts and other documents you need to cater to your customers be prepared in minutes.

But Are You Open to Smart Document Solution?

Want to go with it but still have some doubts? Get in touch with us now! If you are interested already, then allow our sales representative to walk you through a demo and understand how MSB can help your team.