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September 29th, 2023

The Power of Smart Paperless Transactions


Did you know 15% of organizational revenue is spent on creating, managing, and distributing documents? Or that 60% of employee time is spent working with documents?

I have worked extensively with electronic signature software. So, I decided to write this blog because I know how many uncertainties exist concerning electronic signatures. I also know how hard it is to branch out from the old reliable physical paper/ink documentation to an electronic platform.

Let me offer up some reasons as to why it might be time to make the switch!

What are electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are a modern way to sign documents without needing a pen and paper. You can electronically sign a document from your PC, cell phone, or tablet. It is used to capture the signer’s intent to approve or accept the content of that document by signing electronically. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re set to start signing and making deals!

eSignatures have the same legal standing as handwritten signatures when they meet the requirements of the regional regulations they’re created under (for example, eIDAS in the European Union, UETA and ESIGN Act in the USA, Indian IT Act 2000 or ZertES in Switzerland). Electronic signatures are legally valid and accepted across all significant countries.

What is electronic documentation?

Electronic documentation is an electronic form of content created and stored using an electronic medium. MSB Docs is a cloud-based service organization that provides an integrated solution for all your documentation processes. It organizes, manages and stores all different kinds of documents for long term archival.

Our Smart Document Solution signs and stores documents electronically in an organized and systematic manner.

Is electronic documentation better than keeping my documents in a safe drawer?

In many ways, yes. It is a simpler way to keep all your records and documents organized in the cloud. Electronic documents are safe from unauthorized people who won’t have access. Also, digital documents never suffer damage. You can access them anywhere, anytime from any device.

All in all? Electronic contracts are equally as binding as physical documents. They have the same legal effects and repercussions as physical contracts. eDocuments are also more effective than physical papers, as you don’t have to carry and store them in the physical form. They’re easier to organize and harder to falsify or tamper with. Not to mention, they’re eco-friendly with long archival!

For additional information, feel free to Contact us or check our website MSB Docs for more information on eSignatures.