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September 29th, 2023

Step Up Your Sales Game with MSB


Serious costs and risks plague manual, paper-based document transactions. Paper is fragile and destructible; it can be easily misplaced and damaged. Usually, it takes around three weeks or more to create and approve a contract, according to a Forrester survey.

Despite these troublesome consequences, many businesses are still mired in the paper.

Why waste so many resources on outdated processes when you can create, review, edit, sign, and approve contracts digitally with up to 80% reduction in turnaround time?

How you sign is as important as what you sign. The way you sign a contract plays a crucial role. While they may be legally equivalent, signing with pen and paper bears different results than signing electronically. This technology simplifies and facilitates compliance with the last step in the sales process; getting the customers to sign the contract with ease.

The sales and HR departments are likely to benefit the most from an eSignature solution. The need for staff to deal with paper adversely impacts revenue, customer engagement, employee turnaround cycle, and sales department productivity. Implementing eSignatures enables sales representatives to eliminate possible lag time in new sales opportunities, close deals faster, and manage multiple accounts remotely, all without needing to be physically present! Signing a document electronically is much easier and more convenient than signing papers with a much higher conversion rate.

With all this information, teams that have an electronic signature solution available can expedite the final process for any sale and can resolve any potential customer questions regarding the legality of contracts signed electronically.

You can use MSB to sign contracts and facilitate an end-to-end digital workflow cycle legally. MSB supports secure online transactions in all industries. Our platform provides an electronic and digital signature solution to sign and send documents in a matter of minutes, closing deals in just seconds.

Utilizing our reliable and trusted MSB smart document signing solution, you can:

  • Quickly close more deals – Prepare contracts in no time, send for signature, and track progress in one central hub.
  • Make easy approvals – Empower both customers and staff to sign from anywhere, anytime from virtually any device.
  • Monitor your pipeline – Get real-time visibility for accurate forecasts.
  • Delight customers – Leave a lasting impression on clients by offering them signing methods that are convenient and fast.

MSB helps you do business faster and easier with a laser focus on security and compliance. Our digital signing solution empowers sales to prioritize, making positive client connections rather than managing documents.

Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a demo with one of our solution experts.