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August 17th, 2023

Simplify Your Worklife by Going Digital!


Digital India is a visionary initiative set forth by the Indian government to transform India by leveraging the power of information technology. As a result, new business opportunities have emerged as companies have started implementing online paperless transactions. Beyond enabling new business processes, moving existing transaction systems online offers many compelling advantages.

Adopting a paperless office isn’t just a goodwill strategy, embracing paperless methods makes business sense; leading to improved productivity, less wastage of resources, increased savings, reduced turnaround time, environmental consciousness and so on.

Many organizations are using innovative paperless solutions in India. For instance, ICICI, a leading private sector bank, has adopted the “mobile banking” service to open new online accounts for their customers. This is an essential step towards building an online base and helping customers avoid the need to visit in person to complete required paperwork. Instead, the customer can quickly sign and send the documents online without visiting the local branch.

With the help of electronic signatures, customers can sign and send back the necessary forms through various online platforms. Electronic signatures are considered safe and legal. Imagine the number of hours saved on a grander scale, giving the company the enormous benefits of being efficient by saving time, money, and resources.

The government of India has realized the value of transforming manual paper-based processes to a digital paperless system where it is easy to perform online secure transactions. This could very well pay dividends in the future as we look towards building a digital nation.

There is a variety of electronic signature signing solutions present in the market, each one offering a different list of features to benefit your organization.

MSB’s Smart Document Solution can digitize your cumbersome paper process with a smart document eSignature solution offering both electronic and digital signatures. It is a tamper-proof, compliant eSigning solution capable of providing complete automation and full security to documents. MSB makes a secure and seamless signing transaction with full user authentication. Any type of document signed via MSB is legally binding as it meets all the legal standards across the globe.

MSB has integrated and designed a seamless document signing experience for the entire document life cycle. Customers don’t have to switch to an external document signing solution to complete their paperwork manually. MSB automates document generation and has redefined document management to an even higher degree. Various documents, agreements, and contracts are signed online through MSB’s online secure signature platform.

Research says with the increase in the adoption rate of electronic signatures, there has been a reduction in agreement errors on average from 25% to just 2.5%. MSB’s customized integration ability can fetch and merge information from the client’s database storage system into the pre-created document template fields before sending the document out for signature. Workflow automation and the complete document management cycle makes the signing process more efficient, increasing the productivity of the organization.

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