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September 29th, 2023

Satisfy Global Compliance and Data Security Needs with Digital Signatures


Business leaders are well aware of the need to protect themselves and their company with legally binding contracts. An organization’s reputation and brand can also be better protected if fraudulent documents are easy to detect. MSB helps enterprises do this; ultimately giving companies a way to remain secure and compliant easily.

By adopting digital signatures, companies can reduce the turnaround time, save money, and increase security through digital encryption. The purpose of digital signatures is to enable seamless transactions between individuals and firms throughout the world. MSB Docs provides an easy and secure method for signing documents electronically in a matter of minutes. Our platform complies with regulations, expedites business processes, and reduces operational costs.

At MSB, we make zero concessions when it comes to compliance. Our solution adheres to regulatory compliance standards across the globe and ensures your documents are reliable. Adoption of digital signatures provides financial regulatory transactions, legal evidence, and IT standards for security and data protection.

MSB makes it easy for you to verify the identity of signers; our clients rest assured that we are compliant with the highest industry standards such as ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield and SSAE 16. Our detailed and defensible audit trails ensure accountability at every step, and our tamper-proof seal provides even further layers of protection for your documents. The security of customer data is the highest priority for MSB Docs. Complying with industry leading security standards allows MSB Docs to be one of the most secure esigning solution available in the market.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was drafted to give citizens control over their personal information. MSB complies with GDPR requirements to give users control over their data while keeping it secure. MSB ensures that individuals have the right to request access to create and delete their data. This is a huge matter of concern for the big enterprises which hold and process a large amount of consumer data, and they have to make certain adjustments and change requests to manage that consumer data.

The eIDAS Regulation confirms the legal status of electronic signatures and grants them the same legality as handwritten signatures. This means that all the legal standards across the European Market will be the same. MSB Docs complies with all the standards established by the eIDAS regulation.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 is of enormous significance to food and drug companies who operate in the US. This regulation provides the criteria for acceptance by the FDA for electronic signatures to be considered equivalent to handwritten signatures which are executed on paper. MSB Docs guarantees full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. It provides the full identification of the signer and the sender along with complete time stamping details.

MSB furthermore provides additional security standards, such as compliance with HIPAA for medical documentation. This provides customers across industries with leading security features. Many pharmaceutical companies that are dealing with substantial complex business processes and workflows leverage a HIPAA compliant cloud environment.

MSB not only looks at the security of documents, but also how signers are authenticated, legal completion of the document signed, and the audit trail associated with the transaction made.

Enjoy secure, legal, and trusted electronic signatures during any phase of the signing process. Multiple users or internal approvers can sign sequentially nor non-sequentially with our eSignature solution. MSB ensures that you don’t have to forego ease of access for compliance and security.

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