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October 6th, 2023

MSB Makes Excellent Customer Service Effortless


What makes a business successful? Organizations that provide consistent, legendary service to their customers achieve higher satisfaction levels and improved output. The customer wants quick resolutions to their problems. This is indeed a major concern if the business has just started up. Delivering an omnichannel experience is an innovative approach to provide seamless customer service. True modernization of the customer experience lets you bring back the advantage of engaging and interacting with the customer at the right time in a more personalized manner. From streamlining workflows to managing high ticket volumes, communicating well with clients can work wonders for your organization. This makes company processes fluid and effortless, achieving a competitive edge in the market.

Studies show that companies with a well-thought-out customer approach tend to have a 92% retention rate. As your business begins to scale, using a system to manage customer engagement right from the start is very beneficial. Maintaining quicker transactions enhances the digital transformation at your workplace.

MSB Docs is the top seamless and efficient smart signature solution across the industry. With MSB, clients move from traditional paper signing to electronic signing; leading to reduced cost, better productivity, higher efficiency, and automated workflows. This improves the overall ROI and growth of the organization.

What are electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are a modern way to sign documents without needing a pen and paper. You can electronically sign a document from your PC, cell phone, or tablet. It is used to capture the signer’s intent to approve or accept the content of that document by signing electronically. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re set to start signing and making deals!

eSignatures have the same legal standing as handwritten signatures when they meet the requirements of the regional regulations they’re created under (for example, eIDAS in the European Union, UETA and ESIGN Act in the USA, Indian IT Act 2000 or ZertES in Switzerland). Electronic signatures are legally valid and accepted across all significant countries.

MSB gives you the power of signing smart transactions electronically and eliminates the document disconnect in maintaining those transactions. All your documents can be electronically signed, tracked and managed within the application with highest industry-regulated compliance and security standards. You can sign from anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device improving the efficiency and productivity of all your document-related processes. MSB has fundamentally changed business processes and improved the experience of its customers.

Electronic signatures are not only convenient for enterprises but benefit customers as well. In a world where everything is being digitized, almost everyone has access to the internet and electronic devices. Therefore, documents can be quickly sent anywhere for signing, without any geographical barriers, for effortless customer experience. This helps in building a lifetime relationship with high-end customers.

MSB streamlines all your document collaboration by leveraging simple and intuitive automated workflow templates, assisting enterprises in improving their business processes. It gives the customer the flexibility and knowledge to perform various document management practices by keeping track of all tickets, offering clients the preferred mode of communication and a way to get back to them with faster resolutions.

There should always be a continuous, internal synchronization between all the teams in an organization. Setting up a system to provide customer service 24/7 should be a high priority for any business. Providing a timely, immediate and personalized response to your customers, and getting their tickets organized and resolved, gives you the benefit of generating leads while stimulating the conversation with your customers. Keeping your customers happy and making them your advocates is a top priority for any business. The WOW customer experience derived from your superior service is critical in this regard. We believe this is an essential part of your word of mouth and marketing differentiation efforts.

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