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September 29th, 2023

Migrating to MSB Docs for 100% Reliability & Higher Usability


In this digital age, there are plenty of document transaction solutions that are designed to deliver game-changing results. But there are very few with a 100% success rate. Is your digital solution reliable enough to cope with all your business needs? If not, then it’s time to make a switch.

Migrating to MSB Docs will let you gain an end-to-end smart document solution that will streamline all your inefficiencies, make it easier for you to collect signatures from remote locations, and improve your business workflows instantly. The advantages are not only limited to this but you have a lot more to gain when you switch to MSB Docs. Here’s how:

1. Receive Signed Documents Even on the Go:

With MSB Docs, you get ESIGN and eIDAS compliant electronic signature solution that will let you collect legally-binding signatures no matter wherever you are. When you offer convenient options to your customers to collect signatures electronically or in person, it will help you maintain long-lasting relationships with them.

2. Reap Rapid Time-to-Value:

MSB Docs offers unbeaten speed to value the customers via amazing pre-built business-focused functionalities like web forms, TeamRoom, integrated environment, audit trail, and more. This makes MSB a completely reliable solution to go for when business is on the way to achieve success.

3. Experience World-Class Mobile Experience:

MSB Docs have native mobile applications for all major platforms: IOS, Android and Windows to ensure that you, your team and your customers can have the easiest and fastest sending and signing experience. Document transactions anytime, anywhere, and on any device is the most advantageous feature offered by MSB.

4. Integrations with Leading Productivity Tool:

MSB users need not purchase fancy programs to match with it as most of them are already integrated to fulfil the purpose. Some of the leading productivity tools integrated with MSB Docs are BOX, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and Salesforce. Click here to know more.

5. Simplify your way of doing Business:

Whether it is releasing, purchasing, budget planning, marketing planning or approvals, MSB Docs simplifies each business process digitally. In a time when internet scamming is on the high rise, one also need not worry about securing data as MSB has amazing authentication procedures. All the documents are available to only those people authorized by the administrators.

Still, have doubts about migrating to MSB Docs? Check out the following reviews at Capterra & Gartner that explains why more and more people prefer MSB Docs over any of its alternatives:

So, if you are seeking the same ease of use, reliability and security, then switch to MSB Docs. Start delivering digital, mobile-friendly experiences that your customers and employees expect. Our team of experts is available 24*7 to guide you through the migration process. Get in touch with us now!