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September 29th, 2023

How MSB Docs Covered the COVID-19 Disruptions in Life Sciences Industry?


With the global industry disruption, COVID-19 affected the life sciences industry the most. Despite tracking external news events and getting early warning signals, very few businesses were able to contextualize them into insights and act upon with a sense of urgency. The life sciences processes that faced great downfall are listed below:

1. R&D:

Collaborating and working together completely goes on hold as more and more employees adjusted to work from home. Wet lab testing, animal studies, external scientific meetings, and all time-sensitive processes drastically decreased. All in all, the research and development team experienced a great fall in productivity.

2. Clinical:

Clinical trials, recruitment, and supply became challenging as almost every clinical organization prioritized its processes to fulfill COVID-19 requirements. All of the set milestones for drug discovery, manufacturing, and marketing got missed along with which the trial endpoints were put in jeopardy.

3. Manufacturing:

In the view of social distancing, the pharma industry started operating with a very small number of people. Due to this, the reliance on automated systems increased to track the storage of products and limit the supply with high-security measures. The industry faced a huge loss because of the postponed deadlines and extended shelf life.

4. Supply Chain:

Time-sensitive supply chains faced a great challenge as client’s needs to collaborate with national regulators to enable global trade and deal with customs barriers. Minimum availability of staff due to social distancing and quarantining disrupted this operation, and the supply chain demands faced shortfalls and logjams.

5. Sales and Marketing:

No more in-person prescriber engagements to maintain social distancing and safety of employees. This decrease in engagement with prescribers affected the sales cycle a lot. The deals that were about to close were put on hold as contract signing, and in-person meetings could not be fulfilled.

6. Communications:

With the lack of internal collaboration, it became difficult to align the tasks in real-time and communicate the client’s requirements effectively. This lack of communication resulted in confusion for customers, suppliers, and employees.

In the midst of all these disruptions, MSB Docs came forward as a savior with the following best features in place:

Electronic/Digital Signing:

With MSB Docs, it’s easy to scale business workflows and send documents for signing to any number of people on any device, anywhere electronically. Thus, eliminating the need for in-person meetings. This brought a sigh of relief for the sales and marketing teams of many pharma companies.


MSB’s TeamRoom makes collaboration easy and lets multiple users work on the same documents – in real-time – asynchronously or synchronously. With the advanced user management, one can easily define roles to different users, and document versioning lets you track changes in the document. This made collaboration for R&D and clinical trials easy while working remotely.

Document Templates:

The need for sending similar documents to different recipients in routine can be fulfilled by using document templates. This drastically eliminates the need for manpower and physical interaction. Moreover, a lot of time and effort is saved.

Workflow Templates:

Workflow represents the list of recipients, the type of documents shared, and the way these documents are going to be signed. If this workflow repeats every now and then, MSB Docs lets you save it as a workflow template. Again, saving a lot of manual time and effort.

Secure Audit Trail:

A secure audit trail by MSB Docs lets its users keep records of clinical trials, supply, and storage of products in a chronological sequence. All the document transactions that happened in the MSB Docs platform can be saved for future reference.

If you don’t want to make use of all features, then assess and prioritize the degree and immediacy of the disruptions. Once done, you can develop Short-, Mid- and Long-Term Plans to utilize the solution accordingly. MSB Docs smart document solution is highly customizable to fit all needs. Get in touch with us now!