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September 29th, 2023

How Information Security is Ingrained in Our People, Processes & Technologies


Information security is one of the integral requirements of our MSB system.

MSB Docs is the smart document solution software product that treats information security as a part of its DNA. All the information assets that are either owned by MSB Docs or by its customers are given equal priority and the level of end to end security. To assure that there are no loopholes in our security management practices, we:

  • Continuously maintain and grow our threat intelligence team to improve our cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Build a dedicated compliance team that ensures our smart document solution meets and exceeds the organizational and technical security standards that are set worldwide for the secured and successful transaction of documents.
  • Conduct regular and periodic independent information security assessments and audits to ensure that we are capable of coping with the stringent security requirements and establishing the adherence to security compliance and standards
  • All in all, we are trying to convert our organizational and technical security measures into our daily best practices.

Our commitment to data security beings with the following security compliance certifications that we hold:

  • MSB Docs is ISO 27001 certified company offering eSignatures and online document transaction services. Having certified with this standard ensures the interested parties that the solution is using adequate and proportionate security controls for information security.
  • MSB Docs uses AWS Cloud services for hosting the MSB production systems. The services from AWS are compliant to ISO 27001, HIPAA and SSAE 16/18 Service Organization Controls (SOC) by AICPA.
  • MSB Docs is EU-US Privacy Shield certified for the Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This basically covers the collection, use, and retention of confidential and sensitive information from European Union member countries.

In addition to this, MSB Docs assures security by delivering world-class features developed taking security measures into consideration that include confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, and non-repudiation. Let’s take a deep dive into what all these terms mean for us and how we are doing justice with them:


MSB Docs ensures confidentiality by providing AES 256-bit encryption, Single Sign On (SSO) functionality, SAML authentication, and Oauth authentication. In addition to this, all passwords are securely hashed and salted inside the MSB Docs platform.


All the documents that are transacted through MSB Docs platform are sealed with PKI digital certificate (Entrust) technology. To avoid the tampering of data, a specialized tamper-proof seal is also embedded in each document. Since the sessions expire after a certain time, it helps in illegal access to the platform.


We have various data centers for keeping our client’s data safe, secure, and highly available. In addition to this, we have our disaster/ disruption management in line to cope up with the production system outage situations. This helps in recovering the production systems with ease and maintains business continuity in any situation.


The authenticity of the signer can easily be detected with a secure audit trail offered for every document transaction. It is basically a record in a chronological sequence of document transactions. According to the user’s requirements, we also provide two-factor authentications and API key-based authentication for the API.


MSB Docs comprises of a variety of unique features for non-repudiation:

  • An electronic audit trail for every ePak (documents).
  • Digital records of the users or the recipients accessing the ePaks.
  • Receipts and notification of workflow completion.

Hopefully, we are able to give you an overview of how information security is ingrained in our people, processes, and technologies in this blog post. If this seems interesting, we can help you with more information, get in touch with us at