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September 29th, 2023

How Going Digital Fast Tracks Your Salesforce Automated Process


No matter if a business is running at a small, medium, or large scale, improved productivity remains the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Successful leaders always look forward to improving processes, minimize errors, reduce costs, and boost employee morale so that productivity never goes down the line.

Here we’ll talk about one of the most important sales processes – Salesforce Automated Processes and the way to fast track it. Follow the below stated approach to fast track the process of creating and sending quotes via Salesforce and cut it short from days to minutes.

Go Digital to Embrace the end-to-end workflow automation

No doubt that Salesforce offers a complementary suite of enterprise applications using which one can automate the sales processes. But what if you can let your sales team embrace it even more? Yes, that’s possible! End-to-end automation for your team lets them create, track, and eSign documents, all within Salesforce. MSB Docs made it possible through an integrated approach that automates document transactions and eliminates manual efforts and errors.

Simplify and Accelerate the Sales Pipeline

All the important documents that are being used on daily basis can be converted in the form of document templates and can be reused with minor edits. This is how MSB Docs & Salesforce integration reduces time spent on creating proposals, contracts, on-pagers, etc., and sending them across to clients. In addition to this, one can easily define the workflow and save it as a template by adding the users and their required actions on the documents. This results in getting sales proposals out in a timely manner. These documents and workflow templates can be reused any number of times once they are created.

Close More Deals Faster

With a clearly defined Audit trail in the MSB Docs platform, your sales teams can have real-time reporting on engagement and the activities that are being performed on your documents along with the insights. That means it becomes easy to track, monitor, and manage contracts and proposals shared with clients, and most importantly—close more deals at a faster pace. An average user experiences a great increase in closure rates post using the combined functionality of MSB Docs and Salesforce.

Experience Company-Wide Productivity

One can have quick access to business critical documents and clear visibility into all conversations. Setting up the MSB Docs + Salesforce integration for your team fosters more efficiency and transparency inside every department. The best thing is, your team need not be trained on a separate set of software as they are well-versed with the Salesforce platform, they can continue leveraging the combined benefits within it.


Being able to create, send, track, and eSign key contracts, proposals, etc., directly within your CRM software reduces 50% of the time required in document transaction. This, in turn, increases 20% value per deal. So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of it and watch your close rates start to climb.

Get in touch with us and start focusing on actually scoping the work rather than just creating the documents. We will provide you an integrated solution in a customized way that works best for your team.