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September 29th, 2023

How Does MSB Docs Help Your Auto Shop Go Paperless


Whether you are digital-savvy or not, digitizing paper-based business processes has become a new norm. No doubt that this pandemic is a primary reason behind it. Since every business needs to improve its cash flow, process efficiency, and regulatory compliance, a viable solution like paperless processes becomes the need of the hour.

While fulfilling the demands for this digital transformation, MSB Docs came across many prospects from the automobile industry. Our team of experts experienced that many auto shop owners wish to take a step ahead towards a paperless business world and want to embrace the technology to the fullest. Continue reading to find what all Auto shop owners do that helps in making a smooth shift to a paperless world using MSB Docs smart document solution.

1. Reduce Paper Clutter by Digitizing Quotes

Providing quotes to customers is an essential process that needs to be carried out on a daily basis by auto shop owners. MSB Docs digitizes this paper-based manual process and offers the ease of preparing and sending quotes for approvals. This not only cuts down on paper but also reduces human effort in creating quotes, sending it across and then waiting long for approvals. On adding an extra level of convenience to customers in reverting back on quotes with a digital means makes their experience more delightful.

2. Ditch Print, Sign, Scan Routine for Preparing and Sending Receipts

Every sale and after-sales service requires receipts for effective billing. Not only auto shop owners but every seller is stuck in print, sign, scan, and store routine to fulfill this need. This daily practice adds a whole lot of paper, ink, and maintenance costs. MSB Docs offers a one-stop solution that transforms the whole process by letting its users prepare and send receipts to customers electronically. In addition to this, cloud storage is also made available to the users so that a copy of every receipt stays with them for future reference.

3. Eliminate Paper Inspection Forms

Whether a vehicle is sold out or it enters in the auto shop for service, a complete vehicle inspection is an essential step. Traditionally, this process is carried out on clipboard, paper form, and pen. MSB Docs came into the picture and made this process eco-friendlier and more convenient by letting its users switch to the digital means. Using the MSB Docs platform, Auto shop owners can send an editable pdf form containing the inspection reports to their customers over email. This lets the customers go through the details at their convenience and revert back with a signed copy as their consent.

4. Communicate with Customers Digitally

Auto shops can take bigger leaps towards going completely paperless by communicating with their customers digitally. This not only enhances their marketing tactics but also cuts down the marketing cost. MSB Docs lets Auto shop marketers utilize the platform for sending coupons, brochures, and feedback forms to be filled by their customers. At the same time, doing this physically consumes a lot of paper, time, and effort.

Apart from this, here are some of the bottom-line benefits that are already being leveraged by MSB Docs clients:

  • Multiple auto deals for new vehicles, parts and services can be closed simultaneously as MSB Docs platform allow its clients to get a number of proposals signed at once using bulk compose feature.
  • All digitally signed documents are automatically checked for their legal validation and authenticity directly by the Corporate Office Departments/Location.
  • Tracking status of the signatures process is much easier with the MSB Docs platform that further leads to accurate compliance reporting.
  • Smart categorization of data made it easier for auto shop owners to keep the records of each customers and its corresponding services.

So, if you are also running an auto shop and seeking to streamline operations with our eco-friendly approach, then get in touch with us now. We will assist you in digitizing processes by making your documentation smart and easier, improve your customer’s satisfaction, and cut down on paper cost.