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September 29th, 2023

How Digital Onboarding Elevates Customer Experience?


‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression’

A first impression is usually the perception that a person forms of any person, brand, institution or anything else during the very first interaction. For a business, a great first experience from the outset sets the right tone of the relationship with the customer in the journey which is to follow. Typically, customer onboarding is the commencement of this official relationship in a business scenario, and is therefore critically important. A smooth onboarding process, using advanced digital tools and software, ensures a good preliminary experience for the customer, which reinforces their confidence in the brand multi-fold and paves way for a long-term, successful relationship.

Customer Onboarding Using Traditional Paper-Based Methods

Typically, customer onboarding would involve the following processes – filling in key information in multiple forms, getting the details validated, identity verification, signatures, KYC, document submission and many others. If done traditionally, the onboarding process on an average could take up to two to three weeks, which means a long wait for the consumer before he/she could actually start availing the services. At times, when the onboarding process takes too long, customers are quite likely to lose interest in the services and consider switching to other better options. Also, a slow onboarding process implies slower conversion rate for the businesses, which further means delay in accomplishment of targets and in turn, growth.

Digital Onboarding: A fresh wave of change

Taking the digital route, the entire sign-up and onboarding process could be initiated and completed within minutes, opening the doorway for services quickly for the consumers. Besides tremendous time-saving, a digital onboarding process is also simple and effortless for the consumers, since all their details are seamlessly and accurately captured and validated, without them having to fill in multiple paper forms manually. Repetitive data entry is completely avoided as automation takes over the process. The electronic or digital signing feature takes away the hassle of manually signing multiple documents.

OThe introduction of advanced web forms means that simple, user-friendly and more productive online forms are generated almost instantly, wherein all the necessary information and data of a user is automatically pulled out, keyed in and then converted into a simple, usable PDF format within minutes. This creates an exceptional form-filling experience for the customers, which is unparalleled.

Moreover, with onboarding being digital, customers need not physically visit the office location to complete the formalities, which is a boon, especially during the current turbulent times marked by Covid-19, where social distancing is deemed utmost necessary. All possibilities of errors are also eliminated with digital onboarding, and this gamut of offerings turns into a delight for the end customer.

A happy customer is always a true asset to the business, isn’t it?

Creating Digitized Customer Experiences

Digitization of customer experiences must begin with understanding the evolving needs of today’s digitally savvy customer, who constantly demands convenience, speed, flexibility and user-friendliness. The journey typically begins with onboarding, which indeed is the best opportunity for a company to create a long-lasting impact on the customer. A great customer experience, in turn, leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

A failure in offering a digital customer onboarding experience in the current fast-paced era might put a company at a competitive disadvantage or loss, while the latter approach could reap a series of unmatched benefits.

Choosing the right partner for digital onboarding?

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