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October 12th, 2023

Handle Your Documentation Smartly with MSB Docs OCR


Have you ever heard of OCR technology? If not, then you are missing out on something very important that lets you handle your documentation smarter. OCR is not a technology that is newly introduced. Although its benefits have been leveraged since the last century and has been offering amazing functionality in telegraphy and reading aids. Now with the advancement of technology, the use cases and the benefits of OCR are increasing day by day.

Before we discuss further about the benefits, let’s first briefly discuss what exactly OCR technology is?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that identifies and extracts information from documents and images. Once extracted, it converts those scanned images and old paper into editable digital files. This process happens in real-time and kicks-off the automated workflow processes in minutes.

Automated workflow is not just the only benefit being offered by this technology, but there are many more on the list. Continue reading to find out how OCR is benefitting globally.

OCR Saves Time & Improves Profitability

Time and cost spent in the realm of manual data entry have been reduced by 75% with the introduction of OCR technology. Such reduced data capture times allow businesses to utilize their manpower in another productive manner. This, in turn, helps in improving the profitability of the business.

Provides High Precision Predictions with Improved Accuracy

In businesses like accounting, where getting the numbers right requires processes that promise complete accuracy. OCR is well designed with an intuitive in-built algorithm that takes on the process of analyzing and extracting information with verified accuracy. This level of accuracy offered by OCR surpasses that of the human eye and provides an ease of performing high precision predictions that promote business success.

Save Environment by Going Paperless

OCR lets you save the environment by going paperless and declutter the office in minutes. With the help of OCR, the users are now free from the use of paper to accomplish prepare, print, store, and photocopy processes. One can easily file all the documents on the cloud and retrieve them anytime, anywhere.

Keep Your Employees Happy & Engaged

Let’s face the truth; paperwork done manually isn’t fun. If being a business owner anybody desires to keep employees working in the long term, one need to understand what makes them happier and more engaged. Paperwork is nowhere on the list. OCR eliminates that boring paperwork for your employees and lets them instead focus more on analysis that supports you in the revenue-driving line of business.

OCR Offers Better Auditing & Reporting

OCR helps businesses avoid fraud by enabling accurate auditing and reporting of business expenses. Auditors can easily conduct these audits with better depth and faster turnaround time. This lets them easily analyze the transaction details rather than just depending upon the reports provided by staff.

How MSB Docs Users Leverage the Benefits of OCR?

Many industries, including logistics and transportation, hospitals, and banking, were already making use of OCR. When our clients from similar industries reached us out for the smart document management and signing solution and found OCR to be an added functionality, clicks them to close the deal faster. The one who is using the OCR knows the benefits that it brings along with it.

Under the same interface that MSB offers, our clients can digitize their documents, send them for signing with complete security measures, and finally store them in a tamper-proof cloud repository.

OCR being a revolutionary technology, doubles its power when combined with our smart document solution. So, what are you waiting for? Adopt this unique capability of digitizing documents quickly and easily with MSB Docs. We help you book a trail and ensure your purchase decision. Get in touch with us now!