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September 29th, 2023

Guide for Smooth Transition to Work from Home


According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has officially been categorized as a pandemic. That means it has spread across a vast region, for instance, multiple continents, or worldwide. To stop this spread from increasing day by day, many countries have banned travel, shut down schools and universities, and stopped large gatherings of people. In other words, this Coronavirus spread has locked many of us in our homes.

Many large or small organizations are encouraging or mandating work-from-home for their employees’ safety. The following statistics would give you a clear vision:

  • Big tech firms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon have implemented remote working policies for almost all their employees around the globe.
  • Reliance Industries switched to work from home, keeping only a few of their workforce open who are directly interacting with customers.
  • Around 7000 employees of Mahindra & Mahindra started working from home for protection against COVID-19.

However, many companies are giving work from home, they are also facing pressure as many of these organizations are not as ready for the transition to work remotely as they thought they are. One in two (54%) companies in India can’t support work from home as they lack the required technology and resources, Gartner says.

This is due to the lack of collaboration tools and a lack of interpersonal training. Workers are asked to “self-quarantine” and use social distancing that means no more office meetings, client meetings, collaborative brainstorming, socializing instead, they are losing more time by getting distracted by news about the virus. Resulting in which they are losing productivity by working from home.

Here in this blog post, we are going to share some of the tools that will help organizations in overcoming the Coronavirus work crisis.

Slack for Effective Communication:

Slack is a chat room for remote workers. This fast and easy to use tool saves a lot of time that we usually spend in communicating through emails. You can use slack for either carrying out the group discussions or private messaging, sharing information, files, and more. It’s easy to organize communications by setting up different channels.

These channels are not just only for your team members but also for vendors, partners, and customers for communicating things. This eliminates the need to travel and make working from home easy for you and others connected with you.

Zoom for Video Conferencing:

Sometimes communication through chat does not seem to be effective. Video communication plays a vital role in carrying out conference calls, webinars across mobile, desktop, telephones, and room systems. All you need to have is a webcam, video conferencing camera, or phone with a camera. The best part is you can share your screens while the video conferencing is going on. Record the meetings for future reference. If you are using Slack, it’s easy to sync Zoom with it.

MSB Docs for Digital Transformation:

Streamline your work by transforming paper into digital artifacts. This effective digital transformation digitizes all your paper-based processes that require manual intervention. Working remotely becomes easier as you can avail of all the required documents edited, signed, and stored in a cloud repository accessible by you and your team members working remotely.

Moreover, document transaction is completely secure with MSB Docs because of robust identity authentication process. Since it is entirely customizable, so you don’t need to worry about the use cases to involve it in your organization. For exclusive collaboration, we also offer REST & SOAP-based APIs that can be used to connect disparate business applications you are already working with. To support work from home MSB Docs is offering free license with unlimited usage for 30 days. So that everyone can enjoy collaboration, document management, and electronic signing by staying safe at home.

Trello for Task Management:

Project managers face a lot of challenges while managing projects and tasks remotely. Trello brings in a one-stop solution to organize such projects and tasks into Kanban boards. It’s easy to determine the tasks in line, take a follow-up status of each task, and recognize the people working on it. You can create cards for different tasks and park them to the done list once finished. This eliminates the need for face to face clarification meetings and lets you work remotely.

SharePoint for Cloud Storage:

A need for storing and sharing heavy files across your team members is the daily chore of especially IT professionals. The files need approvals, edits, and recreation that results in several versions of a single file. It is highly essential to have cloud storage service or online backup service all set at your end while working remotely. SharePoint serves this need very well. You can save files to folders, add new folders, access the ease of drag and drop files among folders.

Apart from these tools that will help you in being more productive and work collaboratively, you also need to map a strict routine for yourself.

  • Stay self-motivated and disciplined
  • Have a dedicated workspace
  • A stable internet connection

Hopefully, you are now all set for smooth transitioning to work from home. Stay productive…!! Stay Safe…!!