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August 17th, 2023

Digitizing Onboarding experience for HR professionals and New Hires


Attracting and retaining top talent is the most challenging task these days.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, today, there are fewer unemployed Americans (6.2 million) than there are available jobs (7.6 million). To attract top talent, companies need modern, sophisticated—and digital— recruiting and onboarding processes.

And if you’ve worked in a Human Resources department, you would have had the experience of sending documents to employees for signing and having to chase them to sign it at least once. From sending out the initial offer letter to completing the onboarding paperwork, there are many opportunities to digitize and automate your hiring processes, saving time and cost, reducing errors, and improving the employee experience.

HR staff slogs through hours of paperwork and digital tools to prepare, sign, and manage other key tasks—such as new hire paperwork, candidate NDAs, offer letters, communicating company policies, providing training, etc. HR departments are always looking to facilitate a paperless system; streamlining operations to improve productivity. Recently, e-signatures have become popular among significant organizations for the better functioning of the departments. Implementation of electronic signatures dramatically reduces the amount of time required; allowing businesses to operate more efficiently than before.

Electronic Signatures are becoming an essential component of the functioning of the human resource department because they allow employees to sign the onboarding documents in a matter of minutes.

According to research by AIIM, using electronic signatures for business has one of the shortest payback times of any technological investments. In their survey, “81% of digital signature users saw a payback within 12 months, and 25% saw ROI in three months or less.”

The more your organization goes paperless, the higher and faster the ROI.

Onboarding is a great place to start.

It is tiring to start a new job with cumbersome paperwork. MSB helps HR teams provide a great onboarding experience while alleviating the need for follow-up and rework. MSB allows HR departments to speed up hiring and employee onboarding while eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Using electronic signatures has become essential in Human Resources for improving the department’s overall productivity while gaining a competitive edge in the market. The higher the volume of paperwork, the more significant the advantages of using electronic signatures. Having everything in a digital format helps the HR department documentation process to the next level, saving all the time and cost it would have taken.

Human Resources departments need to adapt to the means businesses are transforming digitally. Electronic signatures should be incorporated into all HR departments because of the real benefits they bring to the company as a whole. Your HR department can and should be a strategic differentiator that contributes to your business’s productivity and growth. Now! Employers can handle onboarding virtually.

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