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September 29th, 2023

Digital Onboarding with MSB Docs – A Faster, Easier & More Transparent Process


The beginning of a new employee’s journey in an organization always begins with the onboarding process. Smoother, the onboarding is carried out smoother is the transition of an employee from his previous work culture to a new one. Additionally, in certain cases, the future success of new employees is decided then and there during the onboarding process. But there are times when HR and IT resources get so occupied with a lot of onboarding paperwork that they forget to evaluate the employee during the process. In that scenario, onboarding ends up including a pile of paperwork and ample of time lost. But is that all about onboarding? No, not at all! Onboarding is all about evaluating and helping new employees settle in and get to work—seamlessly.

For that, you need to super-power your onboarding process

After you have landed that perfect candidate, plan out the onboarding process and make it well thought out and coordinated. Provide the newly onboarded employee with both standard onboarding as well as individualized onboarding elements. A perfect way to do so is by digitizing the onboarding process – across departments – and dynamically triggering each required step downstream. This will help in many ways, efficiently if you choose a smart document solution like MSB Docs. Let’s have a look at the processes that would ease out after digitizing the onboarding processes with MSB Docs:

Eliminate Paper Documentation:

Paper documentation takes up a lot of time that could be otherwise utilized productively. An organization that empowers the newly hired employee to be productive from day one can never lag. If your organization does not practice the same, then it’s time to do so. Go digital with MSB Docs and eliminate paperwork bottleneck.

Verify the Documents

Verifying the documents submitted by the employee is the major and the necessary process that can’t be skipped by the HR team. If done manually, dedicated time and efforts are required to accomplish this process without any delay and mistake. MSB Docs frees up the HR department from this headache by featuring document verification automatically.

Capture Appropriate Permissions on Time:

Mid-way approvals and final go-ahead is always required from the management team while carrying out the onboarding process. If you are stuck into the print, sign, and scan routine to capture those permissions on time, then it’s time to mold the procedure without disturbing the company’s culture. This can be done by digitizing the documents, create the workflows, and get the permissions online with MSB Docs.

Assign computer equipment’s, phones, and software licenses

Since you are planning to make the first day of an employee to be productive, it is essential that from their systems up and running to their security cards and email accounts setup need to be ready. Assigning such onboarding elements does require approvals and record keeping. In addition to this,

Building trust and alignment

Any organization that adopts digital onboarding leaves a great impression on the newly hired employees. The way the documentation is carried out with a smart document solution keeps the employees well informed of what all documents are being submitted and what all documents they have received from the organization. This builds trust and alignment in employer-employee relations.

Believe it or not, but today’s workforce moves faster, demands more, and waits for no one. Note that eager-to-perform employees are worth keeping, so if you want to retain them for the long run, you’ve got to provide them easy onboarding as they need to be productive right from the start.

The list of processes and the benefits in carrying each one using MSB Docs do not end up here. Once you step into the digital environment offered by us, you will get to unlock them more. So, start off on the right foot!