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August 17th, 2023

Cure Patient Signature Headaches with Improved Digital Healthcare


In 2019, digitization is dominating every market across the board. Yet the digital nature of eSignature technology remains an obstacle to many healthcare organizations.

The healthcare industry is always looking for ways to provide timely, high-quality treatments in addition to cost-effective care for patients. Unfortunately, endless hospital paperwork and time-consuming business processes prevent some organizations from standing out amongst the crowded industry.

As hospitals go digital, the trend to digitize and transform healthcare is accelerating. Healthcare is driving the need to adopt various digital platforms to deliver information at any time anywhere. Healthcare professionals, administrators, and providers are trying to remove the unnecessary paper burden from their everyday processes to streamline business operations in terms of improved patient care, convenience, ease of use, transaction speed, and reduced costs.

To meet all these needs, hospitals can no longer afford to deal with paper and manual-based paper processes, especially with so many documents to address such as patient onboarding, informed consent, prescriptions, discharge summary, billing, insurance claims, statement of work and many more. Additionally, health insurance claim processing is even more time-consuming, error-prone, and paper-intensive.

Generally, at the time of hospitalization, the patient’s application form is submitted, signed, and scanned multiple times. There is a tremendous wastage of resources, time, money, and efforts every time a signature is required. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals can’t move forward until all the paperwork is in place, which causes further delays in treating patients while they wait for signatures. Moreover, the shifting back and forth of manual documents can impact productivity; eventually delaying the treatment, which can lead to frustration.

The priority here is mitigating risk while ensuring personal health information and other sensitive materials are kept safe and secure. HIPAA compliance outlines specific rules for eSignatures to maintain the privacy and security of the data. Failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can be extremely costly. Hospitals need to ensure that the national standards for electronic health transactions should meet with HIPAA to improve the efficiency of the health care system.

Now, with MSB, your paperwork bottlenecks won’t compromise your patients’ care. Better quality care leads to happier patients and an improved work environment overall. MSB improves the patient experience while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your staff with a fully digital solution.

MSB collectively makes your healthcare information easy by digitally signing the discharge summary of patients. Doctors can edit, review, and approve the patient information almost anywhere at any point in time. The smoother the patient discharge process, the happier the patient will be, which is the topmost priority of doctors at any point of the patient care process. Large hospitals are electronically signing all the medical record information by reviewing and approving the whole process, ultimately doing less paperwork and spending more time with patients. Replacing ink signatures with faster, more efficient e-signatures gives healthcare providers more time for what matters – patient care.

MSB transforms both paper processes and storage infrastructure. This quicker and trusted service eliminates paperwork, streamlining the patient onboarding, and faster discharge summary processes, reducing costs, time, and resources (paper). This will also lead to speedier claim settlement by the insurance companies.

MSB has dramatically increased productivity by saving around 75% on the administrative overheads. Document turnaround time was reduced up to by 90%, and nurses were able to accelerate internal processes by removing the need to send overnight shipping costs.

Get your staff in place faster and easily obtain signatures at every level of the approval process with the MSB smart signing solution. With our powerful platform, we provide rigorous standards of security with 100% compliance and with national regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11. When you use MSB, you can rest assured that your organization will enjoy secure and legal transactions while remaining HIPAA compliant.

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