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October 6th, 2023

Bridging the Paper Gap in Human Resources


Organizations of all sizes are moving to electronic signatures to transform their HR processes. Looking at the results, it’s no wonder why. eSignatures lead to faster and easier signing of all the documents electronically. The larger the team, the more documentation that needs to be signed, sealed and organized for all your business needs.

The less time spent on paper; the more time is spent on people!

If you’re considering digital documentation, your human resources department will thank you for it. Digitization will allow you to give people a business advantage to thrive within. Your employees work from everywhere–on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With a digital signing solution, they can easily access, complete, e–sign, and return documents–legally and securely–with any device, from anywhere, giving them a smoother and enriched experience.

Document Disconnect in HR

Research shows that, on average, staff spends more than one-third (36%) of their time on administrative tasks and less than two thirds (64%) on their core job functions. More than half of business leaders are unable to tell whether documents have been viewed, reviewed, signed or have kept pending. They find it difficult to get up-to-date status information. 

In human resources, managing the documents that keep your business running is an ongoing paper chase. Tax forms, NDA’s, training forms, appraisal letters, joining letters, annual reviews–there are hundreds of documents that your employees need to sign, and you need to keep track of. The traditional business process typically undergoes signing; then the forms get sent back along with various other documents for further evaluation causing even more delays.

Driving Business Transformation in HR

MSB Docs helps HR organizations perfect key functions like recruitment, onboarding/offboarding, signing of NDA’s, training forms, tax statements, and many other document processing. This reduces wait times from days to minutes. All you need to do is simply click on your document for signing, and you are good to go. The HR department can perform a bulk send and sign feature option, creating a better experience for both the business and the employees.

With MSB, HR does not have to go through the manual, cumbersome process of sending documents for signing to individual employees. The bulk send feature lets you send and sign all your employee forms and documents in one go. It effortlessly improves user experience and reduces the liability of your company.

Time-sensitive processes also benefit from digitization. For instance, before  even beginning to  file your  income  tax  returns, you need to possess Form 16 (if you are an employee of an organization) or Form 16A (in case of income from sources other than salary) to get you  quick  refunds. MSB’s quick  workflows  and smart templates help  autofill all your information and collect the documents to send for bulk signing with complete password protection. It can then be digitally signed from a standard certifying authority, thus eliminating any unnecessary documentation and the manual paper routine.

Signing documents with MSB is like storing your documents securely inside a locker with complete tamper-proofing details. The audit trail keeps track of who signed the document when it was signed all while maintaining enhanced business operational procedures for your organization.

Deliver a Modern Employee-Connected Experience with MSB

With MSB you can easily make sure of all your documents are signed and stored in place ahead of time. The automatic reminders give users an additional benefit to the signing experience. It also provides you with long-term storage archival infrastructure so that they can later review any document they want to.

Poorly managed business processes can create a negative impression on new employees and can hurt engagement and retention levels. MSB effortlessly gives HR increased operational efficiency by streamlining and automating the filling of employee information on their documents, then making them readily available. This delivers a modern employee-connected experience.

Imagine how much your administrative work will be reduced if your human resources department went digital with MSB!

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