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September 29th, 2023

Boost Business Productivity with MSB Docs Integrations


Have you ever jumped between multiple software and applications just to finish a single document? If yes, then you know the struggle very well. Since the use of multiple applications is the need of the hour in the business world it is important to find a one-stop solution for it.

MSB Docs has launched its easy to integrate API for its users. With this API, businesses that use multiple applications to prepare and store their documents can also send them for signing with MSB Docs without switching the interface. This is possible by integrating the full capabilities of MSB Docs into the applications they are already familiar with and comfortable working with.

Who makes it possible?

Our highly experienced developers are always ready to build this seamless document signing experience for our clients. They ensure that our clients don’t need to switch to an external document signing environment to complete their documentation needs. Instead, they remain in the application they are comfortable working with while accomplishing their document signing needs with MSB Docs.

There are 3 significant reasons one should consider using integrations. Let’s be familiar with them:

  1. It Simplifies Things – With the integration, user experience much simpler interface to interact with and feels everything is available in one space. This eliminates the need to manage multiple applications and their logins for different solutions that accomplish their business goals.
  2. Integration offers Automation– MSB Docs offers complete automation and there is no need to manually create the documents, download them and then upload it into MSB’s platform for signing purposes. All the data will automatically flow and be shared across systems, which saves your time and increase your team’s productivity as well.
  3. Standardize your processes – Integration eliminates the administrative tasks so that the team can spend more time on value-adding tasks. If your team is spread across multiple locations, it will become easier for you to standardize the processes by implementing best practices.

MSB Offers Integration with Following Applications to Streamline your Business Processes:

MSB Docs Box Integration

You can use MSB Docs as a default application with your box account. This benefits you with a faster, more flexible way to access, update, and send your contracts, invoices, order forms, lease agreements, or any document for signature easily.

MSB Docs Outlook Integration

Upon linking MSB Docs and Outlook, you would get relieved from print, sign, and scan routine. This is possible as you can sign and send documents straight from your Outlook inbox. All this document transaction would be considered legal and is highly secured as well.

MSB Docs Word Integration

It’s easy to edit the documents with MSB Word and send them directly from MS Word for signing using MSB Docs. In addition to this, you can easily drop the signing tags at appropriate positions in the document and define the workflow to process that document the way you want.

MSB Docs SharePoint Integration

Access your documents stored in SharePoint, edit them, and send directly for signing using an integrated MSB Docs app. Once these documents are received back after signing, get automatically saved to your SharePoint account. Thus, while you are managing your document on your SharePoint you can send and receive back documents after signing.

MSB Docs Salesforce Integration

Pushing and pulling of data between Salesforce and MSB Docs is easier than ever. All your Salesforce customers can accept proposals, contracts, and quotes with one tap that simplifies approval workflows, all on MSB Docs, a secure digital platform.

All these MSB Docs integrations let you leverage e-signatures in the most productive way and make the best out of the solution. Such synergies add not only esignature capability to your platform but also reduces overall cost, TAT, and enhances overall process efficiencies. As a result of this, you will be able to gain more control over your document flow, visibility, and accountability.

Now that you are aware of the integration and their benefits, stop plugging data from one system into another or rewrite the same content repeatedly. Get in touch with MSB Docs to reap the benefits.