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October 6th, 2023

Automating Pharma and Patient Healthcare


In the medical world, companies cannot afford to waste time and money on tedious manual processes such as faxing or mailing overnight documents. Also, medical professionals cannot delay patients’ access to treatments and emergency medical procedures.

Time is of the essence; as is efficiency. That’s why today’s big pharma and healthcare companies choose MSB to improve the productivity of their clinical and internal operations. In an endeavor to improve their processes, organizations are using electronic signatures and many other smart document solutions to create business efficiency and productivity. This results in significant savings.

Complying with the HIPAA privacy law is the fundamental responsibility of healthcare practitioners. The healthcare and pharma industry is highly secure and must be compliant with regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11. A digital document solution removes the unnecessary reiterations from the layers of approvals from the Laboratory Information management system (LIMS); this means organizations can now quickly acquire signatures and increase employee productivity. Whether you’re preparing a clinical trial, vendor onboarding or any service level agreement, MSB digitizes it all! According to recent research, eSignatures decreases cost, time, and effort so you can have all your contracts and agreements signed within minutes. This not only contributes to the healthy growth of organizations but also improve patient retention rates. Electronic signatures have contributed to the growth of this industry to a huge extent. MSB fosters that growth by offering convenient tools to set up the right workflows into a set of automated templates. This helps to get your contracts signed quickly, securely and legally. Healthcare providers are required to give patients a notice stating how they intend to use or share their patients’ health information. Once the doctor is done applying his/her signatures, MSB fully executes the documents to the transcriptionist and records management for further processing.

The conventional method of drug discovery includes experimental recording data in paper lab notebooks. With robust integration with Chemistry Electronic (CeN) Notebooks, eLab Notebooks or existing processes and automated workflows, MSB enables chemists to devote more time on their experiments and less time chasing paper. It allows the users to manage documents, sign and access their experiments seamlessly.

Experiments are signed, dated and time stamped instantly at completion, thus increasing the long-term patent protection, simplifying the transition to a “paperless” system. MSB delivers a superior digital document experience to clients improving the aspects of the patient experience, changing the game in workforce productivity. There are various types of use cases you can find in the pharma and healthcare industry; however, they all point to the same conclusion: the less time is spent on managing paper, the more companies experience productivity and improved output.

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