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September 29th, 2023

3 Ways We Cut-Short the MSB Docs User Acceptance Testing


Every software is designed and developed for the ease and usability of end-users. When these criteria are missed or avoided by the team, then, the final product does not match the expectations. So, it is highly essential that development teams should look at the product from the user’s standpoint.

The development team of MSB Docs designed such a smart document solution that fits all, and if not, then with the easy customization options, they get the job done. After offering such a refined and customized product to our clients, we are always happy to allocate them with everything their UAT team needs to carry out the testing.

UAT let them ensure that the product meets both the requirements and expectations. Since every product is developed to ease out the task or solve a particular problem, UAT is much needed to evaluate whether the purpose is met or not. This UAT usually consists of 3 phases, let’s have a look at them and also discuss how MSB Docs cut-short these phases and ease out MSB Docs user acceptance testing:


Although planning is the initial phase of UAT, it is still mostly being initiated after the end game, i.e., when the final product is developed. This phase includes the creation of test cases to evaluate the product to understand better if the requested functionality was understood by the development teams or not. Preparing these test cases from scratch takes up their lot of time and in addition to this the cost of fixing bugs is much higher with the chances of accentuated risk as well. To save that time MSB Docs share their test cases with the client’s UAT team. On the other hand, to save the cost and minimize the risk, MSB Docs adds this phase to the master project plan and schedule it across the life of the project. We ensure that the UAT is scheduled every two sprints and is conducted by a highly professional team of analysts. We also reach out to two external customer representatives in order to ensure that we all are on the same page.

Note:Apart from this, we always ensure that our QA team do a full smoke test on the UAT environment before the client finally accesses the product. Most of the inconsistencies are tracked at that point only.

Execution & Tracking

This phase offers a perfect time to disclose every important aspect of the developed product. Majorly companies don’t provide that full disclosure as they tend to hide the major bugs from the clients. This sometimes results in losing trust and a positive relationship with them. On the other hand, MSB Docs offers every piece of know-how about the product. All the historical records of test cases are shared with the clients along with the screenshots that help them finish the UAT much faster. If the clients have any queries or assistance while carrying out the UAT, our technical Project Manager, Quality Assurance representatives, developers and network administrators are all set to sync up with the client. That is why our relationship with clients goes a long way.


After the successful completion of the UAT, the reporting phase plays a vital role in finding if the customer is happy with the results or not. We at MSB Docs assist our clients by showing them the objective evidence report that consists of all the screenshots of the test cases. This helps them in summing up the things in the final report and add their remarks to it. Since every major to minor changes during the project lifecycle are tried and tested thoroughly, and shared by us, reporting the issues becomes much easier for our clients testing team.


Saving the historical records of every test case and presenting them in the form of an objective evidence to our clients offers core stability to our business process. On experiencing such consistency around our quality processes, our customers notice and appreciate us. All in all, MSB Docs always aims to get the job easy for you!