SOC 2 Type II Certification

MSB Docs, the leading document management platform, prioritizes security and compliance to ensure the utmost protection of our customers’ data. We are proud to share that we hold SOC 2 Type 2 certification, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining a secure environment.

Our services are hosted on the robust Amazon AWS platform, which enables us to leverage their substantial investments in security. AWS has designed its infrastructure to be highly secure and flexible, offering one of the most reliable cloud computing environments available. This architecture empowers us to swiftly and securely deploy applications and data while maintaining scalability.

The security measures of AWS are continuously audited and endorsed by accreditation bodies worldwide. AWS holds certifications such as ISO 27001, FedRAMP, DoD CSM, and PCI DSS, reflecting their dedication to meeting rigorous security standards. Additionally, AWS provides assurance programs that assist in aligning environments with over 20 standards, including the CESG (UK) and Singapore Multi-tier Cloud Security (MTCS) standards.

We understand the significance of data protection, particularly in the European Economic Area (EEA). As such, AWS ensures compliance with applicable EU data protection laws, incorporating the Article 29 Working Party Model Clauses into their Data Processing Agreement. This guarantees that personal data transferred from the EEA to other countries receives the same level of protection as within the EEA.

Operating within the AWS environment enables us to streamline compliance activities. Unlike traditional data centers, where compliance tasks are often manual and periodic, AWS offers embedded automated tools such as AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail. These tools significantly reduce the effort required for audits by automating routine compliance tasks. With less time spent on manual activities, our compliance team can focus on managing risks and enhancing our overall security posture.

At MSB Docs, we prioritize security and compliance, and our partnership with AWS ensures that our customers can trust us with their sensitive data.