What are the various actions allowed on Team Room Documents?

Basis your role in the Team Room, you will have access to several action items for each document. Click the action icon against the preferred document to see the available options.

Basis your role in the Team Room


This option will appear only for PDF files and will allow you to view the content of the document. Non PDF documents cannot be previewed in Team Room.


You can self-sign a document in the team room whenever you are ready. Right click on the document, click sign to be redirected to the sign page with tags specific to the team room’s default signing policy. Drag the tag onto the location and click it to fulfill. Depending on the signing policy, you will be prompted to authorize the signing. With every signing activity, a new version of the same document will get uploaded in the Team Room. For Non PDF documents, the new version of the document after signing will be a PDF by default.

Upload New Version

This option allows you to upload a new/updated version of the same document, irrespective of the original owner. Document versioning will be done to manage multiple versions of the same document.


If your role allows, you will be able to use this option to download the shared document to your system. You may choose to then save it for long term archival or make changes as necessary and upload the new version back to the team room.

Compose ePak

Apart from a signer, all other roles will be able to use Team Room documents to compose an ePak and request signature/review.


Delete will allow a user to remove the document from the Team Room. The fact that all actions in the team room are recorded at each step provides transparency and accountability.


This allows a Team Room participant to lock a document and the document becomes temporarily unavailable for any further editing unless the user unlocks it. A locked document will display a ‘Lock’ icon next to it.


A document can be marked complete by a user if it is considered final and the document will be frozen preventing any further actions on it. This action cannot be undone, and a completed document will thereafter be available only for preview or download.

Notify Member

You can choose to send signature request reminder to one or all the members of the team room by using this option. This will send a real-time email notification requesting user(s) to sign the document.

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