What are my responsibilities as a Custodian?

Custodians manage the signing process for documents. Your responsibilities are:

In preparing your ePak for signatures,

  • Uploading documents and creating ePaks.
  • Creating and managing Workflows or Quick Workflows.
  • Assigning Signatories/Reviewers to ePaks.
  • Designating where a signer will place their signature on a document.
  • Ensuring all requested signatures are applied to an ePak.
  • Addressing reasons or any comment supplied by signatories that reject an ePak, making any necessary changes and re-sending an updated ePak.
  • If Long Term Storage (LTS) is not enabled on your instance – Downloading the ePak document(s) after all signatures have been applied and storing them in the appropriate corporate repository for long term retention (if not done within a set period of time, it will automatically delete the ePak after the retention period is over). If long term storage is enabled, the completed ePak will be stored indefinitely.

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