Is there a deadline for signing an ePak?

The Document Custodian may have set an expiration date on an ePak that they’ve sent to you. You can view the expiration date in your Inbox. If the expiration date passes, you will no longer be able to access and sign the ePak.

If the Document Custodian chose not to set an expiration date, then by default you have 30 calendar days to sign the ePak. After 30 days, it deletes the ePak, whether or not it is signed. This 30-day Retention period may differ depending on your Institution’s configuration at the time of deployment. Check with your Administrator to see if your Institution is not using the 30-day default period.

Note: It can now be configured to set expiration and retention dates for an ePak either from the last action date or the ePak’s create date. This is a system level configuration and cannot be controlled by individual users

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