How do I view any document comments added to an ePak document by a Signer/Reviewer?

If your signatory has decided to add a comment to an ePak document, then you will be able to see it in the Document preview panel. Select the document from your Completed folder. In the Document tab in the lower part of the page you will see a document preview. If there are any comments added to the document, they will show in the document preview. Additionally, document comments will be added to the Activities Log for the ePak, and also to the Audit trail that is included in the ePhotocopy. Document comments will also be emailed to you as an attachment once the ePak is completed or rejected. Please note, the document comments will not appear in Signed Original copies of the document, or in any printed copy of the document (apart from the ePhotocopy Audit Trail).

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Great, Thank you!