How do I download a copy of an ePak that I signed?

You can download a copy before or after signing, for as long as the ePak is in app. An ePak Custodian may choose to delete the ePak after the final signature is applied or it automatically deletes an ePak after the retention period for the ePak ends unless long term storage is enabled. If long term storage is enabled, the completed ePak will be stored indefinitely.

Note: It can now be configured to set expiration and retention dates for an ePak either from the last action date or the ePak’s create date. This is a system level configuration and cannot be controlled by individual users.To keep a copy of an ePak that has already been signed by you follow the steps:

  • Go to the ePaks page and click on Signed folder to find all the ePaks signed by you.
  • Select the ePak that you wish to download.
  • If all signatures have been applied, download links will appear on the Overview screen.
  • Right click the download links for the document and select ‘Save As…’. Or you may click the link to open the document in a new window and then download. This step may vary slightly depending on your browser settings.
  • You may save the Signed Original, e-photocopy, or all versions of the ePak (Signed original and e- photocopy) from your Completed Folder. Clicking the ‘All versions’ link will download the Signed Original and e-photocopy in a zip format.


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