Can I assign my ePak to a different custodian to take care of the signing procedure?

Just like changing a signer, you will have access to assign your ePak to a different custodian through the same page.

  • Go to your pending folders and choose the ePak that you wish to assign to a different custodian.
  • Go to the edit tab in the document details panel.
  • Click on edit button next to the name of the current custodian of the ePak.
  • A text box appears, and you may type in the name of the custodian you wish to assign this ePak to.
  • It gives you a list of custodians available and you may choose from them and then click on save.
  • It displays a success message and this ePak will no longer be available in your pending folder. It will notify the new custodian of the ePak being assigned to him/her.

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