Bulk Downloading of Documents

Can I download multiple ePaks in one go?

Yes. MSB allows user to download multiple documents in one go by selecting the checkbox in front of all documents to be downloaded. User can deselect the ePak from list also.

For Multiple sections please see the snapshot.

For Multiple sections please see the snapshot

Can we select ePaks from different pages at the same time?

MSB does not allow you to select from different pages.

Can I see a count when I select?

Once a user makes any selection, the count of selected ePak is displayed in the download button above the list. If the user Selects/Deselects, the count will get updated accordingly.

count will get updated accordingly

Does bulk download apply to all kind of documents?

Bulk downloading feature does not apply on ePaks that are password protected. An error will be displayed if the user tries to download documents that are password protected.

download documents that are password protected

Can we download ePaks that are in progress?

For all completed ePaks you may download Signed and ePhotocopy but for the ePak those are not completed and are in transit, the user cannot see the option for downloading such documents.

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