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September 29th, 2023

Which is the top enterprise eSignature solution


Which is the top enterprise eSignature solution?

Do you have internal applications that you need to sign off for your business? Procuring signed documents can be a tricky business. With print and postage costs, it’s not just expensive—it can also be wasteful. If you procrastinate on digital signatures, you might not realize your mistakes until it’s too late.

Contracts, liability waivers, and loan agreements (things like that) are a part of any business. If you need to sign or get signatures or store them electronically, it’s best to use electronic signature software. The security standards meet local and federal requirements, ensuring the legitimacy of your eSignature. You can also use the enterprise electronic signature software with other third-party applications. This allows you to streamline password management and keep your company compliant with legal sanctions.

Enterprise electronic signature software has many use cases, including purchase orders, lease agreements (contracts), new-hire papers, and other related documents. So, look at the top 10 enterprise electronic signature tools for 2023! These enterprise eSignature solutions provide all the features you need to ensure you’re protected with the digital document signing tools.



Key features of electronic signature

  • 1. Document eSigning

    With electronic signature software, it’s easy to import your business documents into the system. As with any other digital signature tool, you’ll be relaxed knowing that your data is safe and always accessible.

  • 2. eSigning workflows

    As a document aggregator, one of the features we offer is the ability to define the signing order when sending a document to multiple recipients. 

  • 3. Regulatory compliance

    Besides adhering to all current data security and privacy laws, the enterprise eSignature platform provides the highest data protection and privacy levels.

  • 4. Audit trails & reports

    Keep yourself updated on all activities with user-friendly and comprehensive audit trails and reports 24*7.

  • 5. Document tracking

    Know who has signed and who has yet to sign to ensure you don’t miss out on anything important. 

  • 6. Notifications & reminders

    You can inform the signer and requester about the current status of your signature process. 

  • 7. Bulk sharing

    One of the features included in this software is the capability to send documents to multiple recipients. 

  • 8. Rebranding

    With customizable features, legal disclosure, and custom templates, your company can get the most out of electronic signature software to suit your specific needs. 

  • 9. Custom integrations

    It primarily focuses on supporting popular apps while offering APIs to create custom integrations.

Benefits of electronic signature software

  • 1. Saves time

    Electronic signature tools can save time, as they allow you to send documents back and forth without any delays. You can also use these tools to create streamlined project management or contracts, making paperwork easier. Protected by state and federal law, electronic signatures are crucial for your business. E-signatures are quick to get started and provide flexibility in forecasting project completion. This gives you greater peace of mind from legal liability.

  • 2. Saves money

    It’s no secret that flexibility and automation create enormous opportunities for better ROI. By automating processes, you can enjoy the benefits of increased savings without having to do anything. In addition, eliminating printing, packaging, and shipping costs will reduce your expenditures, providing additional savings for your business.

  • 3. Improves productivity

    Say goodbye to cumbersome, time-consuming paperwork and complicated approvals with enterprise electronic signature software. It helps you connect with multiple people for the same project, in whatever order you choose. When employees can focus on complex tasks rather than simple and repetitive duties, productivity levels soar. E-signature technology enables your business to streamline tedious paperwork that can be easily, efficiently, and securely completed from anywhere.

  • 4. Reduces risk & boosts security

    Because e-signatures are legally enforceable and difficult to forge, they are more secure than handwritten signatures. E-signature products also take an audit trail of email attachments, digital bearing documents, and copies of signed contracts, making them easily verifiable. Electronic signatures are designed to protect your data from unauthorized access by third parties. When you’re required to sign a document, e-signatures will do an excellent job of ensuring they aren’t altered. Paper documents can get lost or stolen, and are open to the risk of any physical damage. No personal information is stored in the long term thanks to encryption.

  • 5. Improves convenience

    Avoid printing paper and hassle, and enjoy the convenience of electronic signatures. MSB Docs electronic signature software allows you to sign multiple documents without printing anything. They’re convenient and easy to access, even for people who aren’t tech-savvy. Signing processes are simple and intuitive for both senders and receivers, which makes electronic signature software a no-brainer.  

  • 6. Ensures compliance

    In today’s world, it’s important to be aware of all your business practices, especially if you’ll be doing business with the government. Tracking paper documents can pose a problem when you’re undergoing an audit. Businesses need to keep documents safe and unadulterated to avoid fines or lawsuits. A document must be signed with an e-signature encryption technology to be considered legally binding. 

Use cases for eSignature software

  • 1. Sales contracts & agreements

    A company’s most important contract is its sales contract. With the online signature option, MSB Docs eSignature software users can execute and close deals faster than ever before–in hours and minutes instead of days–allowing for multi-signature documents and avoiding legal risk. Being able to keep track of sales agreements is imperative. You’ll need complete visibility through automation and system integration for many sales processes, such as those with Salesforce.

  • 2. Vendor or supplier agreements

    Small business owners rely on their various relationships with suppliers and vendors and spend valuable time coordinating procurement activities. Digital workflows make it easy for small business owners to manage suppliers and vendors. Embedding the entire procurement process in digital workflow solutions helps accelerate the asset acquisition process, reduce risks due to errors, and allow for ever-growing compliance with company purchase policies.

  • 3. Non-disclosure agreements

    With the competitive nature of today’s marketplace, it’s important to protect your business from harmful third parties. Without a non-disclosure agreement, your business may be at risk. Traditional pen-and-paper contracts can be inconvenient, not to mention unfriendly to customers. But with MSB Docs eSignature Non-Disclosure Agreements, you can maintain security for your company without holding up your sales or emails. These agreements are easy to set up and make it possible for customers and partners to sign them on their mobile devices, so they’re always accessible.

  • 4. Employee onboarding

    There are plenty of procedures and documents to guide you through the hiring process. HR can manage those processes more efficiently with MSB Docs eSignature – documents can be filled out and signed electronically, followed by fast, automated dissemination. Plus, they can take advantage of an online dashboard to monitor the progress and status of each document.

  • 5. Patient onboarding & staff paperwork

    Enterprise eSignature software can help organizations pivot their care delivery capabilities and accelerate the adoption of new initiatives. Try the modern, secure and digital experience your patients want. With eForms, you can streamline intake at work, focus on patient care and apply efficiency to every process step. Try the easy-to-use eSign solutions that can connect enterprise signature software. This streamlines how we serve patients who are waiting with urgency while maintaining your workflow and reducing manual work. 

  • 6. New customer onboarding forms

    Most small businesses need to spend time creating, tracking, and filing forms with customers. Processing paper documents is costly, and the final approval process can be complex. An electronic signature solution will make it easy for your business to generate, send, and manage electronic forms online. This shortens your customer’s experience while deferring costs. eSignature also lets you file and manage approvals with ease and is the perfect tool to move on to completing your customer’s order which is the most asset.

 Top 10 eSignature software

1. MSB Docs

MSB Docs has been listed at the top of this category due to several significant factors. MSB Docs offers an enterprise electronic signature solution that simplifies complex document workflows and creates superior eSigning experiences for various industries, including pharmaceutical, lab & life sciences, healthcare, automotive, education, banking & finance. 

Depending on the industry, MSB Docs’ enterprise eSignature solution can accommodate your needs by including document management and workflows, eSignature capabilities, compliance verification tools, cross-industry support, etc.

MSB Docs strictly adheres to all industry regulations and compliance standards for their signing and documentation processes. The company abides by these critical regulations: FDA 21 CFR part 11, EIDAS; IT Act 2000, HIPAA, EMA, Esign Act (USA), and SSAE 16. The only setback a user might face is that MSB Docs enterprise electronic signature software is expensive for single users. 

2. DocuSign

This is one of the market’s most preferred digital signature solutions, with more than 200 million customers. This leading enterprise electronic signature software has a long reputation for helping people sign digitally. It’s also an excellent choice for businesses looking for safe storage for important contracts and documents. If you’re already familiar with the company or need a custom job done, Enhanced Plans are available. If you want signatures done (and nothing else), there is a free plan that meets your needs.

DocuSign makes it easy to sign agreements digitally. As an independent third-party verification system, you’ll have peace of mind knowing agreements are signed and come with your trusted seal. It only takes a second to get DocuSign’s advanced features, which can help streamline processes like contract management and negotiation, document analytics, identity verification, and notarizing documents. Plus, you’ll have access to an impressive number of integrations.

3. SignNow

SignNow includes everything you would expect from a signature tool, with advanced features that offer more capabilities and flexibility. The basic plan starts at $8 per user per month and is billed annually without a payment function. To add this, you can choose the first plan up from $15 when billed annually. 

Still not enough? The Enterprise plan starts at $30 per user per month when billed annually and adds powerful features such as conditional fields, signer attachments, login approvals, and more. For just $50/user per month when billed annually you can have all the features listed above plus even more for your business. Perhaps you’re wondering what software companies are offering that are necessary for your business. This PCI-compliant software gives you the essential tools to get money in the bank and when sending out forms and contracts.

4. SignEasy

SignEasy is the best choice for a company needing an easy way to digitize and streamline its front-end document workflows. SignEasy automates and standardizes document workflows, sparing your team resources and reducing turnaround times.

It’s easy to preserve your company’s brand and integrity. They offer 100% legally-valid eSignatures to ensure that you are legally compliant with global electronic signature legislation like ESIGN Act, eIDAS, etc. You can import your documents from popular web document repositories like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. At SignEasy, the monthly subscription includes unlimited users at just $30 per user. Seasonal contracts are also available for a fraction of the cost.

5. Adobe

Adobe Acrobat Pro can be a smart pick for those who don’t want to rely on third-party help. It includes many features the business operator may need and wouldn’t use separate software for that purpose.

Adobe Acrobat provides easy-to-access, high-quality PDF files for free. Just download it and go! It includes all the essential features you need to enhance any document with a signature, sending it to the web when you sign up for Adobe Sign.

With the standard plan, you have one license. With our team subscriptions, Adobe gives you access to multiple users and allows you to manage and create teams. The standard subscription is $14.99 per user per month with a 12-month contract, while the professional subscription is $16.99 for each user per month on a 6-month contract (both of which are billed annually).

6. Lighitico

Customers want to feel like they’re being taken care of – but manual apps and outdated systems just don’t cut it. Lightico helps simplify your business through progress-fighting solutions such as swiping, capturing pictures, and texting. Make your customers happy while the entire process becomes easier.

Suppose you struggle to manage all the signatures, ID verification, and documents that come with new customers with Lightico. In that case, your agents can reduce the queue in your office and secure business deals faster. What happens when customers have difficulty understanding what you do and the purchase journey? You end up losing sales, time, and money. Digitally completing entire customer journeys will ensure that your customer doesn’t have to feel lost during their purchase journey with your company.

7. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a smart solution for document versions. Whether you need a single signature for an occasional contract or an electronic signature for regular documents, it’s easy to use and incredibly reliable. In addition, PandaDoc has something for everyone, so it takes the important spot with us in the ranking of digital document software.

When you need to sign a document and your customers don’t have their signature forms ready, PandaDoc will make it simple for them. You’ll be able to instantly generate the forms or upload an already-created PDF file that you can place in a designated spot to serve as the form. There’s even an automated workflow that helps speed up the process.

8. Hellosign

With Qualified Electronic Signatures from Hellosign (now Dropbox Sign), you’ll be able to create an enforceable digital signature that is compliant with the eIDAS Directive. The price starts at USD 15 / month. 

Do you need an app to help you quickly and securely get your eSignature documents signed? A robust set of documents signing features is at your fingertips. Hellosign got you covered with tools for the entire journey – from sending, receiving, editing, and managing signature conventions to ensuring a certain level of security for all relevant documents. Dropbox Sign allows you to register your email address for two-factor authorization. It makes it much harder for anyone else to access your account.

9. OneSpan

OneSpan Sign can help your enterprise manage its digital signage program. It provides a streamlined, user-friendly workflow that spans devices and staff, runs on the public or private cloud, is versatile with data storage options, and prioritizes your firm’s security.

OneSpan promises to bring your potential customers to life through their integrations. They have many options, including connecting it to popular services such as Salesforce, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Dynamics. Several popular companies use OneSpan Sign’s e-signature software. Prices vary depending on the plan you choose.

10. YouSign

Yousign is committed to delivering a seamless experience across the board by providing you with legal compliance. Their eIDAS-compliant and legally binding electronic signatures help you eliminate the need to worry about paperwork and let you focus on teamwork.

Yousign eSignature works in a process that blends technical and legal frameworks to ensure strong password authentication and proof of consent on digital documents. It follows specific norms and certifications to make a document legally binding through electronic signatures. Yousign has helped drive profits for banks, insurance companies, real estate, public sector entities, and healthcare professionals. 

For single-user pricing is €9 Excl. VAT Per month will be limited to 10 signature requests per month, and for unlimited eSignatures, the price increases to €25 Excl. VAT Per user/month.


E-signatures enable users to add their electronic signatures to contracts, paperwork, and other documents without having to rely on physical signatures. This is important in keeping essential business documents safe, secure, and reliable in the digital age. Enterprise electronic signature software also facilitates the distribution of legally sensitive documents like sales contracts or employment agreements that are shared online to record individual electronically signed credentials.

Late-signing? Paperwork scattered all over the floor? We know how much paperwork can clutter your day, and now there’s a new way to eliminate it. With MSB Docs enterprise electronic signature, you’ll always have a contract handy and never have to worry about signing and scanning paper sheets again. It is convenient for those who work from home, but beyond that, it’ll quickly pay for itself in terms of time saved and saved ink.