Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Implements digital signatures with MSB for providing signed discharge summaries to their patients

Implementing MSB’s electronic signature solution at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals was one of the best decisions ever made. We have seen significant improvements in productivity, cost savings, and compliance. The process is seamless and fits seamlessly into our daily workflow, allowing us to manage documents, sign and access medication notes with ease. Additionally, the secure electronic transfer and storage of discharge information has increased consumer privacy. MSB’s detailed audit trail provides further evidence for audits and disputes, making it a highly recommended solution for any organization looking to streamline their documentation process.

DGM, Apollo Indraprastha

Key takeaways

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals’ paper-based discharge summary process was inefficient and time-consuming.
  • MSB provided electronic signatures and smart document solutions to streamline the process and improve efficiency.
  • Transcriptionists upload discharge summary to MSB, which automatically sends a signature request to the attending doctor for review and sign.
  • The new process has resulted in significant cost savings, improved productivity, and compliance.


Apollo Hospitals is widely recognized as the pioneer of private healthcare in India and was the country’s first corporate hospital. The Apollo Hospitals Group, a forerunner in integrated healthcare, Apollo has a robust presence across the healthcare spectrum. The Group has emerged as the foremost integrated healthcare provider in Asia and has touched lives of over 45 million patients, from 121 countries

Business Challenge:

The conventional method of providing discharge summary to the patients at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals included recording medication data of the patient into their EHR system. The process usually goes through the cumbersome print-sign-scan-print-store routine to obtain signatures from patient’s attending doctors.

Soon the company realized that the process was not only inefficient but also time consuming and expensive. Major problems identified with paper discharge summaries include delays between patient discharge summary and the manual signed discharge summary to be sent, additional inaccurate information, errors and omissions on the completed discharge summary and archival of paper-based records.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals needed a scalable solution to cut costs, improve efficiency and to accelerate the turnaround time. We at MSB identified an opportunity to make documentation simpler, faster and intelligent.

The Solution:

In an endeavor to improve its process, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals turned to MSB for electronic signatures and to implement other smart document solutions for an effective decision making into their organization. They use MSB to optimize the entire document process – from preparing the discharge summary to signing, enacting and managing them and highlighting the critical differences for better decision making. With this implementation, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals successfully converted its time-consuming paper-based process into an efficient, streamlined electronic signing process which not only resulted in significant savings but also enabled transcriptionists to improve their productivity and compliance.

Upon the patient’s discharge, the transcriptionist now uploads the completed discharge summary from EMR to MSB and assigns it to the attending doctor. MSB then automatically sends a signature request email & a push notification to the attending doctor on web and mobile, respectively who then may immediately review the completed discharge summary and sign it at a click of a button or reject it suggesting for further modifications. Once the attending doctor is done applying his/her signatures, MSB sends the fully executed documents to the transcriptionist and records management for further processing.

MSB delivers superior digital document experiences to customers, changing the game in workforce productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • The process is non-intrusive and easily fits the way transcriptionists do their daily work.
  • It allows the users to manage documents, sign and access their medication notes seamlessly.
  • There is less time spent on managing paper which leads to higher productivity and improved output
  • The process of signing and witnessing is faster and traceable leading to greater compliance with internal policies.
  • Increased consumer privacy through secure electronic transfer and storage of discharge information.
  • Reduced need to fax or scan discharge summaries.
  • MSB’s detailed audit trail provides further evidence for audits and disputes.

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