May 5th, 2023

Sign IEP Forms Remotely with MSB Docs


Schools are the most affected area of the COVID-19 pandemic! Although teaching found a way out by switching to online classes, many other things were left unattended. One such important thing is carrying out paperwork between school administration and parents that has drastically slowed down.

So, in the wake of COVID-19, becoming a paperless academic institution is the need of the hour. Especially when there’s a need to sign off documents related to Individualized Education Programs or IEPs. More than half (54 percent) of the kids in special education have IEPs for LD or OHI. Since this program requires the intervention of many stakeholders, countless documents and crucial steps, educational institutes are finding it difficult to carry out remotely. Having a handy digital solution that offers convenience to guardians, administrators, and third parties is on high demand.

In order to offer a simpler and intuitive interface at this crucial time, MSB Docs put a step forward. One can now easily adopt MSB Docs smart document solution to review and sign off IEP goal sheets, educational performance review forms, education plans, etc. without stepping out.



Here’s how:

  1. Get started by signing in to the MSB Docs platform. If you don’t have access to it, sign up now! Check out a suitable package or customize one for you.
  2. Upload all reports, documents or forms with just one tap in Word or PDF form.
  3. Create a defined workflow by adding in as many signers or reviewers as are required along with a message, to receive a signed copy of the paperwork.
  4. It’s easy to annotate the document with fields or create web forms by adding fields. Click here for detailed information.
  5. Dedicate the fields to particular signer to ease out the workflow and eliminate errors.
  6. Click on the send button and sit back to receive a final signed document once the workflow is completed.

Benefits of taking IEP’s paperwork online:

  1. Faster parent signature turnaround on documents that do not require meetings.
  2. Easy to share documents digitally during remotely held IEP meetings.
  3. TeamRoom feature helps in collaborating administrative team to make edits in real-time for parents to easily follow along.
  4. Easy to obtain parent signatures digitally on all related documentation after a meeting has been held.
  5. One can send reminders to anyone who has not signed or reviewed the documents yet with just a single click.
  6. In the case of a large workflow, MSB Docs prevents errors by letting the user highlight the required fields.
  7. Users can capture legal and secure eSignatures as MSB Docs is ESIGN act and eIDAS compliant.
  8. No complex setup is required so parents/guardians who are not tech-savvy can easily use it.

These are just a few of the benefits explained here. Click here to find more benefits one can avail by adopting MSB Docs. Get in touch with us to deliver an easy and convenient remote learning environment.