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September 29th, 2023

Create your Online Signature with MSB Docs Now


A signed document indicates its authenticity and proves that it is valid. Today in the modern world where technology is growing at a fast pace, digital signatures play a crucial role. A digital or online signature is similar to a traditional signature, however, it uses mathematical techniques for the validation purpose to maintain the integrity of a document or message.

Here, we are sharing all that you need to know about online signatures and how you can create your online signature using MSB Now.

Online signatures are changing the way we work

Technological development has taken a new shape these days. Most industries are drastically changing and most companies have now started using online signatures. In the business world, everything has become more seamless and easy with the introduction of digital signatures. Let’s know how digital signatures have changed the work culture.

Legal changes

Signatures are mainly for legal purposes and with the introduction of online signatures, some legal changes also had to be made. Since its introduction, digital signatures have been used to represent an agreement between two parties.

Security changes

Security is a very big issue in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. Physical documentation can often be lost or stolen, it might also be damaged by various natural calamities, however, When it comes to digital documentation and digital signatures they have very few chances of being stolen or being misplaced.

These two are very important changes that have occurred after the introduction of digital signatures. Apart from these two, online signatures are easy to manage, easy to keep track of, and also helps in multi transactional contracts.

Understand the types of online signatures

An electronic signature is a depiction of the traditional signature in an electronic form. electronic signature now can be divided into three types. Let’s discuss the three types of online signatures.

Simple electronic signature

This is certainly the most common type of digital signature. You receive an email document where you need to sign and all you need to do is select an already generated signature image and click on the confirm button to include the online signature in that particular document. Once you confirm the signature, the document is electronically signed by the person regardless of any other person completing the process on their behalf.

Advanced digital signature

This particular type of online signature requires a specific key i or a certificate associated with the document which is linked to the person who needs to sign the document electronically. The advanced electronic signature is safe compared to the first time. However, if somebody gets access to the key or certificate which is linked with the document, the document might be misused.

Qualified electronic signature

A qualified electronic signature is having your online signature witnessed like you normally do for traditional signatures. This is very similar to the advanced digital signature however it has some added security. In this type of electronic signature, the signatory needs to validate his or her signature on their phone to ensure that everything is in order. This process is known as a trust service provider and is different in each country.

Easy Steps using MSB’s Online Signature

MSB digital signature is designed very efficiently making it perfect for absolute beginners. Below we have mentioned the steps to use for using MSB Docs’ online signature.

How to request an electronic signature?

  • The very first step is to create the legal document.
  • While creating the document, make sure that you check all policies properly.
  • Next, you need to enter the email address of the person who will sign the document.
  • The next step is to attach the document that you have created.
  • Lastly, you need to drop the online signature and attach other tags and send the final document created.

Why MSB Docs is best for electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are now being used by most organizations. It helps in saving time and money at the same time by eliminating the hassles included in the paperwork. With the use of MSB Docs, you will also be sure that your document is safe and secured. We at MSB Docs use a renowned security system to ensure that all your documents are safe and only reach the right hand. With the introduction of online signatures, the documentation process has become very easy and quick. You can sign any document anywhere from any device. This increases the efficiency of your business and helps you to expand and grow.

Know more about How Msb Works

Using MSB docs is very simple and helps increase productivity. We provide smart templates that you can use to create your document with just a few clicks. These templates can also be customized according to your needs. Now you can send documents to multiple recipients at the same time, this helps in saving your time. MSB Docs can easily be integrated into MIS and ERP with the help of our advanced APIs.

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