HIPAA Compliance

MSB Docs understands the importance of maximizing your time as a healthcare provider to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks. In response to the needs of our customers and prospects, we are proud to announce that MSB Docs is now HIPAA compliant, offering a seamless solution for generating, storing, and signing sensitive documents.

With our HIPAA compliance, we aim to enhance the patient experience by streamlining workflows, saving time, and providing easy-to-collect eSignatures. By leveraging our secure platform, healthcare organizations can bid farewell to outdated and inefficient methods of document management. You can now create and access HIPAA-compliant templates directly within MSB Docs, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of patient information.

Digitizing your documents with MSB Docs allows you to bid farewell to traditional filing cabinets and scanners, offering a safer alternative for your staff to interact with patients and collect payments. Gone are the days of crowded waiting rooms and shared pens. Our platform enables patients to easily and securely complete forms from anywhere, using any electronic device, creating a touchless experience.

Once signed, patient documents are automatically delivered, tracked, and stored in a centralized location. Our servers, hosted on the reliable Amazon AWS platform, support Single Sign-On (SSO) and are SOC 2 certified, guaranteeing the security and management of your data. Say goodbye to concerns about misplaced or lost documents containing protected health information (PHI). By reducing time spent on inefficient processes, your staff can dedicate more energy to providing exceptional care to a greater number of patients.

To comply with HIPAA regulations (specifically, the HIPAA Privacy Rule), we offer signed Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) for our Business or Enterprise customers. Rest assured that your partnership with MSB Docs prioritizes the security and confidentiality of patient data.

MSB Docs is dedicated to revolutionizing document management in the healthcare industry, empowering healthcare providers to optimize their workflows and deliver an outstanding patient experience.