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We at MSB are committed to finding the best ways to work with our partners. We partner with organizations of all sizes to help them go digital quickly and seamlessly. We are focused on identifying your unique qualities and goals to help you get the most out of working together. We seek to do this by creating a better environment through our partner program infrastructure, training and incentives.

How it Works

With MSB, you can introduce your clients to the world of digital transaction management. We help you with resources, tools and information to make you an expert on our industry and product. MSB’s Partner Program empowers you to lift your top line by referring and reselling a high-margin, cloud-based SaaS solution. You will have the power to make the most out of market opportunities. We make it easy for your customers and your customers’ customers—to digitize their documents, workflows and processes using our solution to sign anything, anywhere on any device. Users will appreciate you helping them accelerate results, reduce operating costs and increase the accuracy and security of their transactions.

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The MSB Partner/Resellers Program offers an opportunity to earn fees, take advantage of discounts and qualify for periodic special promotions. Simply sign up or log in to submit leads, use ready-made sales and marketing tools plus access our training Center.

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