What are Favorite Users?

When you send an ePak to some recipients, those recipients are automatically added to your Favorite User list. The next time you create an ePak and begin typing a recipient name into a workflow state, it will first search your Favorite User list for any matching users. This greatly increases the speed at which you may add a regularly used recipient to a workflow. At the bottom of the Favorite User list there is a Search more link. If you desire to see all matching recipients (and not only previously used Favorite Users) then you may click the Search more link, and it will search the entire user list for all matching users.

The Favorite User list will be available on the Compose page (when adding a recipient to a workflow), on Pending ePaks (ePak Edit tab – when replacing a recipient in a workflow) and on the Signing page (when a Signer delegates to another recipient).

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