What is GDPR ?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a European Union privacy law. As of May 25th, 2018, this single law effectively replaced a fragmented legal framework, simplifying and consolidating various regulations surrounding consumer data privacy.

GDPR was designed to give EU citizens more control over their data. It benefits both organizations and citizens by ensuring transparency and a sense of trust between the business and consumer.

The European Union introduced this regulation to adapt the law to new and evolving technologies, such as the cloud, and their implications for consumer data. While GDPR includes new requirements pertaining to organizations that handle EU personal data, the goal remains the same: to protect citizens’ data and keep them informed.

Who does GDPR apply to ?

Any organization operating in the EU. GDPR also applies to any company across the globe offering goods or services to those within the EU. It is especially relevant to companies which hold and process large amounts of consumer data.

How does MSB meet GDPR requirements ?

Under GDPR, MSB acts as the data processor and our clients act as the data controllers. GDPR ensures individuals have the right to request access to, correct or delete their personal data—and MSB has features readily available to help you do so.

Access: Users can access most of their information through the MSB user interface. There is additional information in our audit trail database which users can request access to as well by emailing

Correction: Standard users can make direct changes to the information on their unique MSB profile page. This can be done without assistance from administrators. For clients with restricted single sign-on (SSO) integrations, some users may be restricted from updating their profile information. These users can request updates by contacting

Deletion: Users who would like to request data deletion may do so by contacting or by contacting the data controller directly. Any request for deletion received by MSB will be forwarded to the data controller for approval. MSB will remove data which has been approved for removal by the data controller.

MSB complies with GDPR requirements to give users control over their data while keeping it secure. To read the full text of our GDPR addendum click here.