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MSB Docs Enables Al Masaood to Reduce Its Document Turnaround Time By 97%

MSB Docs has completely transformed the way documents were created and transacted at Al Masaood. No longer do we have to spend time and effort in printing, signing and scanning papers. Documents are electronically created, and can be reviewed, signed and sent from anywhere, at any time, using any device. The solution has a user-friendly interface, and has seamlessly integrated with our existing workflows to make document management highly efficient and effective. We have reaped positive results in the form of increased productivity, speedier processes, reduced overhead costs along with optimum compliance and enhanced data privacy and security. We plan to implement MSB Docs across all our organisational departments for continued success.

Head Of Administration, Al Masood

Key takeaways

  • Before MSB Docs, preparing & transacting several documents like Memos, Approval of service, Attendance documents, etc. was all manually done.
  • Al Masaood started by adopting MSB Docs in their main business and were willing to expand into other groups, post a successful test run.
  • All the documents that were being transacted manually are now being transacted through MSB Docs.
  • They found that their processes were accelerated as they could review, sign, and send documents anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

About The Company

Established in 1970, Abu Dhabi based Al Masaood is one of the largest integrated industrial, commercial and service organisations in the Middle East. Its companies and partnerships span activities and expertise across 18 diverse market segments, including industrial, automotive, business services, construction, real estate, etc. The privately held Group employs over 2,000 people, who rigorously work to ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction through its quality products and services.

The Key Business Challenges

At Al Masaood, a multitude of important documents are created, signed and processed on a daily basis. The Group’s two key departments where the paperwork requirements have been massive are –

  • Service Department – Nissan and Renault Service
  • Parts Department

Both these departments are actively engaged in preparing and exchanging crucial documents such as Memos, Approval of Service, Attendance Documents, etc on an ongoing basis.

Traditionally, prior to integration with MSB Docs, the voluminous paperwork and contact procedures were taking place manually within these departments. The department admins used to create all documents manually on sheets of paper, which were then physically sent to the HR department or to managers at different hierarchical levels for their review and consent. A typical print-sign-scan routine was followed for each individual document, which proved to be mundane, and eventually posed big challenges for the company. Some of these key challenges are listed below –

  • High Document Turnaround Time – The manual way of document handling proved to be a slow and tedious process. Each document’s journey, starting from its creation stage till its approval, was lengthy, as it involved manual printing, signing scanning and exchange of paper. All this consumed far too many days, and caused tremendous internal delays.
  • Dip in Staff Productivity – The employees at Al Masaood spent most of their precious hours in fulfilling the massive paperwork requirements, including chasing different stakeholders for review and signatures. Staff efficiency and productivity was getting highly compromised, as there was hardly any time left to perform other valuable tasks.

The Al Masaood Group was committed to find a solution to streamline its overwhelming documentation load, expedite approvals and thus infuse efficiency into the system.

The Solution Implemented by MSB Docs

As a leading eSignature solutions provider, MSB Docs was chosen by the company to help them overcome their existing challenges which had been impeding its growth. MSB’s advanced eSignature solution was seamlessly integrated into the workflows of the two given departments, which transformed all their physical documents into electronic documents. The highlights of the solution are listed below –

  • All documents can now be instantly created, shared, signed, stored and tracked using the MSB Docs platform.
  • Employees at Al Masaood can even remotely manage their documents from anywhere, at any time, using any device. No need to rush to the office to view documents or sign them, as the signatories have 24/7 easy access to them.
  • The need for printing, scanning or faxing documents is completely eliminated. Moreover, as the documents can now be sent, received and signed electronically between different team members, there is no need for any physical exchange of paper documents.
  • The simplified workflow allows Department Admins to effortlessly carry out document transactions, as per the set instructions.
  • MSB’s solution has a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, which allows employees to effortlessly use the platform, without any need to seek for support.

The Company Experienced Positive Business Outcomes

Thanks to MSB Docs, the Al Masaood Group has happily bid adieu to the cumbersome paper-based processes across both its departments. The company is delighted to witness positive results, some of which are listed below –

  • Dramatic improvement in document turnaround time – With document signing and exchange now taking place at an accelerated pace, the document turnaround time has been reduced by a whopping 97%. As a result, the company’s internal processes have greatly expedited.
  • Improved staff productivity – Employees at Al Masaood have happily stepped out of the mundane print-sign-scan routine. As they now spend less time in managing paper, they are able to work more productively and drive value to the organization in myriad different ways.
  • Reduced Costs – The company’s administrative overheads have drastically reduced.
  • Improved Compliance – The process of signing and witnessing has become faster and more traceable, thereby leading to greater compliance with internal policies. The company is also now able to meet all its external compliance requirements in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Safety and security of records – All important customer documents are now being securely transferred and stored (electronically), where they are safeguarded against any kind of fraud, tampering or any other external threat. This, in turn, has led to improved levels of consumer privacy.

Witnessing the success and improved effectiveness in business continuity, the management at Al Masaood plans to integrate MSB’s eSignature solution across different departments and groups including HR, Payroll, Administration, Accounts, IT department, etc.

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