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MSB Docs is a leading electronic signature provider equipping millions of users across the globe with fully secure, compliant, scalable and holistic e-signature and smart document solutions, among others. Leverage the power of automation to drive unmatched efficiency, fortified document security and cost optimization with MSB Docs.

Minimize the back and forth, eliminate low-value manual tasks and accelerate agreements with our legally-binding e-signature and smart document solutions to drive unparalleled business value. Take complete control of your paper-based document processes now.

What is an electronic signature?

According to the US Federal ESIGN Act, e-signature or electronic signature is an electronic sound, symbol or process attached or logically associated with a record that is adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

Simply put, e-signatures are like handwritten signatures for electronic documents and forms. Unique to every user like wet/ handwritten signatures, they verify the user’s identity. They are legally-accepted and tamper-proof. By using an electronic signature, the user is endorsing/ consenting to the information contained in and adhering to the terms of the electronic document/ form.


Why and Where are eSignatures Used?

Signatures are necessary for several business processes from contracts, NDAs and letters of intent to hiring, purchases, sales and customer service. If one relied on handwritten signatures for these purposes, there would be a significant amount of back and forth. This can be eliminated with e-signatures. e-signatures can be used effortlessly anywhere, anytime, thereby, enabling hassle-free digitization of tedious and cumbersome paper-based documentation.

e-signatures are legally accepted for nearly all personal and business processes to replace wet signatures. Here are some examples of where electronic signatures are used:

How Does An Electronic Signature Works?

There are two processes involved in e-signing – requesting an e-signature and the signing of documents. Leading electronic signature companies like MSB Docs make both processes secure, effortless, efficient and cost-effective. You can request and e-sign documents in just a few clicks.

With our cutting-edge e-signing software, you can create templates and workflows to further speed up processes, especially those involving bulk signing.

Powered by an advanced mathematical algorithm, the e-signing software assigns a unique cryptographic hash identifier to each signer. If any part of the document is changed, the cryptographic hash will change, indicating the document has been tampered with.


Why Trust MSB e-Signature?

MSB is a cutting-edge e-signature provider trusted by leading brands and millions of users globally. We offer only legally-binding e-signature solutions that are enforceable under IT Act 2000 (India), ESIGN Act (USA), eIDAS (EU), FIPS 140-2. MSB e-Signatures are compliant with the robust security frameworks and the toughest industry standards.


We take Security Seriously!

We understand how critical document accessibility and security are to our clients. So, we take security very seriously. We adhere to the highest standards of security. We hold the rigorous ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield and SSAE 16 certifications. We comply with the toughest industry standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA, IT Act 2000 and HIPAA.

  • Our e-signature solutions are reliable, tamper-proof and fully secure.
  • Our e-signing software is protected with multiple layers of security that is virtually impenetrable.
  • We use robust and the industry’s best data encryptions practices.
  • We enforce multi-factor authentication for heightened security.
  • Our e-signature solutions come with a whole host of power-packed security features to fortify document security.
  • Our e-signing software empowers you with greater process visibility and transparency

Only Legally-Binding e-Signatures

MSB e-signatures are legally enforceable and admissible in courts.

  • Any document e-signed with MSB Docs is legally enforceable under IT Act 2000 (India), ESIGN Act (USA), eIDAS (EU), FIPS 140-2.
  • MSB e-signatures enable you to generate and store in-depth audit trails for every agreement.

With MSB e-Signatures, you can gain strategic and competitive advantages. Here are some of the key benefits.


Effortlessly sign from anywhere, anytime


Eliminate wasteful back and forth


Save up on time, effort and hassle costs

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency


Hassle-free bulk signing


Drive productivity


Accelerate business processes


Fortify document security

Close deals faster

Close deals faster

Unlock extraordinary

Unlock extraordinary business value


MSB e-signatures can be integrated with a whole host of tools and systems that you already use. This way, you can enable seamless and holistic processes.


With MSB Integrations, enjoy all the features of MS Office including document editing. But without the wasteful back and forth.


You don’t have to leave Salesforce to sign sales contracts, agreements and other documents with MSB e-Signatures.

Here are some areas you can use MSB Electronic Signatures

  • Letters of Intent
  • Sales contracts
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Banking and Financial Transactions
  • Applications
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Liability Waivers
  • New Hire Documentation
  • Invoice Processing
  • Vendor Onboarding Documents
  • Consent Forms/ Letters
  • Government Benefits Enrollment Forms, etc.

Learn how MSB e-signatures can help accelerate your business and drive unmatched value.


Here is what our esteemed clientele has to say about our e-signature solutions.

Enhance Productivity and Efficiency with Templates

We are laser-focused on enabling our clients to boost productivity and efficiency, thereby, driving extraordinary business value. To this end, we provide templates as part of the e-signing software.

  • A core part of MSB e-signature solutions, templates enable clients to standardize processes and create streamlined workflows.
  • The templates are highly customizable. Clients can store frequently-used documents/ formats with customized fields and settings.
  • They can prepare any document, agreement, deal or quotation with just a few clicks with our smart, customizable and reusable templates.
  • Clients save time, energy, resources and efforts significantly in document preparation, thereby, speeding up their transactions and processes.
  • Our smart templates are especially useful for bulk signing and repetitive processes.

There isn’t an Easier Way to Track and Manage Details

Being one of the top electronic signature providers, we are dedicated to enabling clients to unlock extraordinary business potential. Our smart electronic signature solutions offer the most hassle-free and cohesive way to track and manage documents, transactions and details.

  • With MSB e-signatures, you can create repeatable, scalable, predictable and transparent workflows.
  • Clients can effortlessly track the status of every e-signature.
  • They can create, send, track and manage documents in the signing process, streamlining the workflows for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • They can send timely reminders and alerts while receiving notifications at every step in the process.
  • Clients can create detailed audit trails for every transaction with our e-signature solutions.


How Does Digital Signature work?

Are eSignatures expensive?

No. e-Signature solutions are not necessarily expensive. The best electronic signature companies like MSB offer different types of monthly and yearly subscriptions suited to the needs and size of the business. Clients can simply choose a subscription type that works best for them.

e-Signatures usher major cost savings in terms of printing costs, labor hours, courier/ postage charges, stationery costs and so on. Given the massive cost saving, the e-signing software subscription is a wise investment.

Is eSignature legal?

Yes. e-Signatures are legal in almost all developed and most developing countries across the globe. Documents that are signed using MSB’s legally-binding e-Signatures meet the legal standards of and are enforceable across the globe including the US, Canada, India, Europe and China.

The laws under which MSB e-signatures are enforceable.

USA: UETA and ESIGN Act Requirements

Canada: PIPEDA and Secure Electronic Signature regulations

India: IT Act (2000) and Aadhar-based eSignature with e-KYC and OTP-based authentication

China: PRC Electronic Signature Law

Difference between Electronic Signature and Digital Signature

e-Signatures are a broad category that includes a wide range of methods/ processes for signing documents. Digital signatures are a specific type of electronic signature working with a specific kind of technical implementation and process. MSB e-signatures use PKI protocol and cryptography to bind the digital signatures and the signers to the document.

Are electronic signatures safe?

Yes. Electronic Signatures from trustworthy and reputed electronic signature companies like MSB are absolutely safe. MSB e-signatures meets the toughest security standards including ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield and SSAE 16 and complies with rigorous industry standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA, IT Act 2000 and HIPAA. The e-signature solutions from MSB are protected by multiple layers of security, multifactor authentication and a whole host of robust security features that fortify document security.

What are the formats that MSB eSignature supports?

When requesting for electronic signatures or building smart, reusable templates, MSB e-signatures allows clients to upload a wide range of document types including:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • PDF documents (.pdf) and other common formats

The documents can be uploaded from any computer or popular file-sharing sites such as Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.