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Shilpa Medicare reduced the turnaround time for employee onboarding by 72% with MSB Docs

MSB Docs has been a true game-changer for the HR department at Shilpa Medicare. The implementation of eSignatures has streamlined our onboarding process, where the new recruits can now conveniently access and sign documents in a secure, user-friendly manner. This has further reduced our administrative time spent on HR documentation, allowing us to focus on creating valuable employee experiences. We are extremely happy with the outcomes of time saving, cost saving and enhanced productivity, and therefore highly recommend MSB Docs to other companies aiming to improve their HR processes.

HR Manager, Shilpa Medicare

Key takeaways

  • Shilpa Medicare was experiencing delays in signing and sending back the Interview Evaluation feedback forms, employee appraisals, and various offer letters.
  • Major problems identified include additional inaccurate information, errors, and omissions on the completed, signed forms and the storage of paper-based records.
  • Shilpa Medicare needed a scalable solution to cut costs, improve efficiency and accelerate turnaround time.
  • With the implementation of MSB Docs, less time is spent on paper-based processes and more time is focused on recruiting and engaging talent.

The Company

Founded in 1987, Shilpa Medicare is an India-based pharmaceutical company, engaged in the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), formulation and development for two key segments – oncology and non-oncology. The company produces and exports APIs, fine chemicals, intermediates, herbal products, and specialty chemical products to various global markets. It possesses strong capabilities in the therapeutic area of oncology, and has been on a continuous path of expansion ever since its inception. The pharma expert also has an extensive regulatory-recognized manufacturing set up and a robust team comprising of scientific experts and leaders who are well aligned with the company’s vision of ‘Innovating for Affordable Healthcare’.

Business Challenge

At Shilpa Medicare, Human Resources has always been of paramount importance. The company has been continually expanding its team and is required to interview, recruit and onboard employees on a regular basis. As a result, it conducts extensive documentation for functions of employee onboarding, interview evaluation, feedback, appraisals, offer letters, etc. Different documents are required to be signed and approved by different signing authorities at different levels, which makes them go back and forth multiple times until the entire process is completed.

Traditionally, all these signing and documentation processes were being conducted manually by the company’s HR personnel, wherein a regular print-sign-scan-store routine was being followed for each individual document. Additionally, the team had to chase different stakeholders including existing employees, new employees, company management, etc to physically obtain signatures. All this took a toll on the company’s efficiency, severely impacting the onboarding and other HR processes. The key challenges being faced by Shilpa Medicare are being listed below –

  • Delayed Employee Onboarding – The process of gathering physical signatures from different signatories was time consuming, due to which it often took several weeks to finalize and onboard a new hire. These delays in employee onboarding, in turn, hampered the company’s image and often led to job abandonment by new employees. Moreover, besides onboarding, other HR processes such as employee appraisals, evaluation, etc were also getting slow and tardy.

  • High Costs –The company was incurring tremendous expenditure on tasks such as printing, scanning, faxing, shipping and maintaining documents. Moreover, the cost of resources (people) who were solely performing these mundane documentation tasks was also significant.

  • Increased Errors – As all forms and documents were manually filled and signed, there were growing instances of information being captured wrongly or inaccurately. Besides this, there were often omissions on the completed, signed forms along with other human errors.

  • Physical storage of paper-based records – The heaps of paper documents created were being physically stored for future reference purposes. This made retrieval and tracking of information extremely difficult.

Shilpa Medicare was on an active lookout for a scalable solution which could help the company save costs, improve efficiency and accelerate the turnaround time in employee onboarding and other HR processes.

The Solution

With a strong endeavour to streamline its voluminous paperwork requirements and accelerate its approval processes, Shilpa Medicare turned to MSB Docs for an efficient solution. A leading eSignature solutions provider, MSB Docs automated all the HR workflows at Shilpa Medicare by integrating eSignatures into the same. The highlights of the powerful solution implemented by MSB Docs are given below –

  • All the physical HR documents were seamlessly converted into electronic documents.

  • Traditional pen and paper signatures were replaced with electronic signatures. Newly hired employees at Shilpa Medicare can now receive their onboarding documents electronically. Link to a secure MSB application is emailed to them, where they can read, review, sign and store documents/ agreements online from their preferred device. As a result, all forms can now be signed and completed speedily within a few minutes, eliminating delays which were present in the manual onboarding process.

  • The manual processes of printing, scanning and faxing of documents are completely eliminated. The document need not move back and forth physically, as the signed documents are now electronically sent, received and stored.


The integration with MSB Docs has greatly simplified the signing and documentation processes at Shilpa Medicare, making them more fast, intelligent and efficient. Manual, paper-based HR processes have become a thing of the past and the company has been able to reap a flurry of benefits, which are listed below –

  • Streamlined Employee Onboarding – As the employee documents now quickly get reviewed and signed, employee onboarding has become organised, fast and efficient.

  • Enhanced Employee Experience – By offering employees an advanced signing platform with features such as anytime, anywhere access of documents from any device, Shilpa Medicare has been able to impart superior employee experiences.

  • Reduced Costs – Shilpa Medicare experiences substantial cost reduction by eliminating all slow, paper-based processes.

  • Secure storage of documents – All the confidential documents of employees are securely stored and safeguarded against fraud, tampering or any external threat.

  • Easy search and trackability of information –As the documents get stored electronically, they can be easily accessed by the authorised employees to retrieve any required information at any given point of time.

  • Higher Staff Productivity –As the HR workforce is no longer involved in conducting tedious administrative jobs, they are now able to work more productively and concentrate their efforts on recruiting and engaging talent.

  • Improved Compliance – Shilpa Medicare is now successfully able to meet all its compliance requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

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